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 The History and Setting

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PostSubject: The History and Setting   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:51 pm

Worlds Collide

Abridged History of Targon

Targon had been a relatively peaceful nation before the Apocalypse. The races warred on occasion over materials, wealth, land, power, and religion, but these wars could hardly be considered such. They were more akin to battles and skirmishes. Outcomes of these battles were small, relatively insignificant in the scheme of it all. The Truans built their vast cities, which became a melting pot full of creatures from all edges of Targon. Trade flourished between the races, each of the races having something another race would bargain for. The Lukkan cities were at the forefront, their cities built tall and magestic on the coasts. Their cities were the safest in the lands, and the lukkans had built a wealthy empire. The land was stable, the races and species flourished...But it did not remain as such.

Abridged History of Pratos

Pratos was once a lush and green empire, filled with many races and resources. This land however is far in the past. With the growing technology on Pratos, races advanced, wiping others off the face of the land to make room for their own civilizations. The earth was dug apart in search of raw materials with which the advancing races could build and power their machines. The green forests and grasslands were destroyed in the name of technological advance, leaving barren wastelands behind. When one resource was depleted others were relied upon more heavily. Eventually then entire world of Pratos was either stripped of all but dirt, or built up with extremely advanced architecture. These futuristic cities were dozens of square miles, covering vast spanses of land. Those creatures who did not live in these vast cities were left with only the massive mine networks in the mountains. No flora remained and many of the species had been eradicated. It had become a world of machines, of advanced technology, robotics, lasers, and the like.

The Fatal Mistake

With the resources of Pratos gone, the inhabitants sought a new way to power their world. The Venuchii were the pioneers in trying to find an alternative energy source. They worked tirelessly until they stumbled across another dimension and a completely different world within...the world of Targon. The Venuchii devised a way to open a portal to the other dimension, thus providing them access the the resource rich land of Targon. However they could not have figured the result into their calculations.

When the proud Venuchii opened the rift between the world of Targon and Pratos, the incredible amount of energy and the instability of the portal caused a massive pocket of negative energy, which radiated for hundreds of thousands of square miles, destroying all that was in its wake on both Targon and Pratos. The rift left a gargantuan crater, spanning hundreds of square miles, where it had been opened, the energy obliterating everything within a 100 mile radius of the site. The entire land of both worlds was rocked by the impact, cities destroyed, millions killed leaving both worlds in ruin...and the rift still open. The rift remained the gateway between Targon and Pratos.

The surviving races of the Apocalypse began to lift themselves from the ashes, rebuild their lives, and search for the cause of the destruction. It is unknown which race crossed the rift first. The Targons placed the sole blame of the destruction of their world on the Pratons, each Targon race initiating its own part in what would become a full scale war. The Targons did not unite as one world, but rather fought for the survival of their own species. Defending themselves from the onslaught of the beasts, the Pratons began invading the world of Targon, stripping the fertile land of its resources in order to power its weaponry and life. This invasion of Targon soil enraged the Targon races even more. Thus the War of the Rift began. Targons invaded Praton soil, and Pratons invaded Targon soil through the rift, each fighting ferociously for what they claimed as their own. They fought for their lives, their worlds, and all life as they knew it.

The war raged for a hundreds of years. Many of the cities still lay in ruin, the rebuilding placed on hold because of the bloody and vicious war. Thus many of the cities of Pratos and Targon are left in shambles, the people picking up the pieces of their lives, either attempting to rebuild or throw it away only to start over. And thus our setting is placed.

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The History and Setting
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