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 Timeline of Events

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Kaljava Tlasfeer

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PostSubject: Timeline of Events   Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:24 pm

Timeline of ancient and recent history:


30000 Yr. - All races are bestial and incapable of rational thought
20000 Yr. - The Lukka begin using simple tools and their speech become slowly more civilized
9999 Yr. - The Lukka begin building the first buildings, most other races are still beastial
5000 Yr. - Other races have civilized, weaponry is still based on stones, magic has not been discovered yet
4000 Yr. - The first magic is discovered, the Archus begin thier studies. Yidtritch begin their libraries. Weapons and armor are crude but widely used.
3700 Yr. - Lukkan cities are perfected, becoming the most revered places on earth, Truan cities are just coming into being
3500 Yr. - Truan cities become the center of commerce and surpass the Lukkan cities in population
3000 Yr. - The Truans surge into the lead, weapons and armor are well made, and the knowledge to fuse magic with weapons and armor is available.
2000 Yr. - The world is much as it is at the time of the Apocalypse

0000 Yr. - THE APOCALYPSE (The Apocalypse is a defining moment in Targon history, a new year system is set into play, and the Targon and Pratos calendars synchronize.)

50 Aa. - Races are still stunned and picking up the pieces
150 Aa. - Rebuilding has gotten a decent start, races are still unaware of what has happened.
180 Aa. - Odd mutated races are being discovered in the ruined cities
200 Aa. - A group of Truan begin a journey to discover the source/reason for the Apocalypse, several Lukka accompany them. They never return.
345 Aa. - The Rift is discovered, along with the small Praton mining station. The Pratons are attacked and killed by the Targons, the mining station is destroyed.
355 Aa. - Skirmishes break out along the site of the rift (on both sides of the rift) between the Targons and the Pratons
400 Aa. - Targon wages a full scale war upon Pratos
1000 Aa. - War has ravaged Targon, some cities are rebuilt, most are lost to the ravages of time.
1500 Aa. - Present day

1000000 Ly. - The first Praton races begin to develop rational thought and basic tool using skills.
500000 Ly. - Communication is well set into play, the first buildings are being erected, made of natural materials (wood, mud, clay, etc.)
400000 Ly. - Races begin recording their history, time and date are first used.
350000 Ly. - The races have established their primitive cities.
200000 Ly. - The cities are advancing slowly in the area of technology, resources are discovered, mining begins
100000 Ly. - The cities have expanded greatly, basic engines are used to run machinery
90000 Ly. - Machinery is used in the mines, engines to run basic equipment
50000 Ly. - Several resources are gone, technology has progressed very slowly. Greenery (trees, plants) becoming sparse
45000 Ly. - A large meteor has struck Pratos destroying much, animals begin to mutate
30000 Ly. - Technology has advanced very slowly. The cities and the population have skyrocketed. Technology is now to the stage of primitive lasers and basic AI.
10000 Ly. - Technology picks up. Hover crafts and teleportation are in the beginning stages. Basic AI is widely used
9000 Ly. - Resources are scarce, hardly anything is left. All plant life is gone. The earth is destroyed and barren from the mining. Most native animals are extinct or mutated.
4000 Ly. - Resources are depleted in the earth, only the excavated stores remain. Research begins on finding a new way to acquire resources. Technology is at its peak and continues to stay as such.
2000 Ly. - The rift idea is set into motion, work begins on the device to open the rift.

0000 Aa. - THE APOCALYPSE; the rift is opened (The Apocalypse is a defining moment in Pratos history, a new year system is set into play, and the Targon and Pratos calendars synchronize.)

60 Aa. - Races have begun re-establishing themselves. Expeditions have been sent out in the surrounding miles of the ruined towns, hundreds of miles from the rift site. Nothing is found
100 Aa. - Rebuilding is slow because the resources and stores are gone.
125 Aa. - The Rift is discovered
130 Aa. - Research is underway on the Rift, mutated creatures are discovered at the Rift site
140 Aa. - The first Praton crosses the Rift onto Targon small scouting parties are sent to investigate soon afterward
200 Aa. - Research begins on the land of Targon. A small base is set up on the rift site of Targon, studying the land
290 Aa. - The mining station has begun construction. Only a miniscule amount of resources are mined at this point
345 Aa. - The Praton mining base is discovered and destroyed by Targons
355 Aa. - Skirmishes break out along the site of the rift (on both sides of the rift) between the Targons and the Pratons
400 Aa. - Targon wages a full scale war upon Pratos, Pratos responds in kind
1000 Aa. - War has ravaged Pratos, some cities are rebuilt a ways from the rift site, but they encounter regular attacks from the Targons.
1500 Aa. - Present day

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Timeline of Events
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