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 How to guide : Application Form

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PostSubject: How to guide : Application Form   Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:56 am

When making a new character make a new topic with your character name.

Quote :

Quote :


(If you want access to Adult themes


(Preference MSN Messenger)

This part is very simple, your real name or alias. Whichever one you wish to give, next to that we have age. Age is important for the adult themed parts, if you put that you are 18 years or older then you will accept all responsibility and none can be blamed on the forum. Email is for forum members to be able to contact you and the same goes for Messenger, simple right? On to the next.

Quote :

Your Character




This is a very simple start, Character name, his or her age and what gender.. Gender of course also includes that a race like robots whom have no gender can be put in as neutral or none. Some races will have Hermaphroditic gender or A-sexual, just be sure not to mistake this.

Quote :



(Good / Neutral / Evil)

(Any of the races that are part of the world you have chosen.)

This get's a little bit more complicated but I beg you to stay with us, I will guide you through it in baby steps. Okay then, first off. World.. Now there are two worlds to choose from in this RPG, Targon and Pratos, this choice will have a MAJOR impact on your character, obviously. If you don't understand why then I suggest you read up on history and basic info which can be found here.

Click here for information on the worlds

Okay so either you already read it and you are still with us, or you just read it and you are back, WELCOME. So now that you know more of the world let's get to Class, Class will be the profession that your character does, be it scientist to assassin, of course you are not going to find a whole lot of Venuchii assassins but hey if you can write it then we can accept it.. At least that's what you hope.

Alignment should be fairly simple, are you evil, neutral or good.. No, good people don't kill because they want to see blood, if you don't get that then i suggest you check this.

This is a basic idea of alignment

Click this link for information on alignment

Got it? Good, then the last but not least of this little box is race, which of course will determine 90% of your character, but hey let's not have that stop you.. Be creative with them but try not to make a stealthy giant.. Let's face it, a giant is as stealthy as a knife poking your eye over and over again, in other words it lacks subtlety.

Quote :

(eye color, hair color, height, etc…)


(Give several aspects and elaborate on them)

(Magic, Special Weaponry, Stealth, all that goes here.)

Okay, now this is where your writing skills come in to play.. If you are thinking right now.. "Writing skills? Oh shit, i write worse then a one legged donkey on crack" Then i suggest you just give up.. If however you feel that you have enough skill to write up a decent and interesting part then i suggest you KEEP ON ROCKING.. i mean reading.. Ahem.. Right, so here goes.

DESCRIPTION (Add ominous echo's here) The description of the character is very important, the description is not just what your race looks like but more what makes your character you, for a Lukka it could be the color of horns, color of furr and such, same goes with other races.. WHAT makes YOU, YOU.. Exactly, that sets you deep in to thought i'm sure.

Now then we have Personallity, this one can be a little difficult at first so i am going to give an example.

Kind: (Insert character name here) Is a kind being that will help others in need, regardless of race or origin, selfless in his deeds he would go out of his way at any moment to help someone that needs him.

Cruel: (insert character name here) Is a real bad guy, he would laugh at his mother when she is being killed and probably join in as well.

This is fairly much how you do the personallity bit, if you wish to do it your own way, go ahead.. We prefer creativity but keep it easy to read so people don't have to puzzle through your application just to get an idea of what the hell you mean.

Then the next up is... (Looks above) Oh right.. Powers.. Now i am all sure you want to have great powers of death and destruction whilst at the same time have the ability to revive someone and kill them over and over again in a million different ways.. I'm sorry to pop your bubble there but i have to because that's not the way it works.. I'm sorry but you can't just start out with the ability to send a flaming fart over the world and kill everyone. You may however have increased stealth capabilities, build up your character and don't start out with exceptional skills, believe me it's no fun to be all powerful, lasts for a day and then you will be like "Ha ha ha ha i conquered the universe and now i shall sit on my throne and do nothing but eat, gain 300 pounds, look at women that i can never get anymore and at a certain point be killed by swallowing your own fork.

So what is right then? Let me give you an example.

Sorcery : Has learned the basics of water magic and will be able to cast a few of the lower spells.

That is a correct way to start off, you can have multiple powers but try to tone it down, you can grow in power when you start playing.

Note: We have no leveling system, it's free form so it's up to you to level your character.

Quote :

(Your characters strengths, what is he good at)

(Everyone has weaknesses, so do you)

THIS is a part i want to point out is not to be taken lightly, i don't want godlike characters with their only weakness being some weird form of kryptonite that can only be found fifteen light years from the middle of nowhere. It's simple, the more strengths you have, the more weaknesses i expect to see as well, as a great man once said "A man's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness" Now don't let the man part fool you, THIS COUNTS FOR FEMALES AS WELL, just to get that clear. What? You need an example? Oh fine, here goes.

Courageous : He has no fear of anything and would rather die then run from something (I could just call this stupid but hey) His courageous heart shows that he will go to any length to reach his goals and will not back down under any circumstances.

Bugs : He is deathly afraid of bugs and any kind that has any similarities with the little critters. This is beyond a simple fear, he will not go near a place that has a visible and reasonable amount of those insects present, he believes they will go in to his head.

So that's it on strengths and weaknesses. GOT IT? good.

Quote :

Any Pets:
(Only certain mounts will be available at the start, the rest you have to tame yourself.)

(jewelry, markings, weapons, etc…)

(three or four paragraphs)

Alright then, on to the last little bit. PETS, oh yeah man, we can have pets in this game, we can have baby dragons with awesome powers that surpass my own.. However i have mind control over it so i can destroy the world... NOT! Sorry but pets are for example mounts or just a pet that you keep as companion, of course a pet may grow in power as well. If you want to add an extra piece of your pet in here with some extra details on his strength's and weaknesses then go ahead. Some pets and mounts can be very strong, they just don't start out that.

Then we have Extras, well the extras include mufflers for your far exhaust pipe and of course turbine engine for your bathroom capabilities, not to forget goggles for your inside out view.. NO, it's simply for jewelry that you have that is special and noticeable, scars and where they are from, weapons that you bear with you and any other extra that you might want to add that is distinctive to your character.

Last but certainly not least would be the history, well the history is important as this will reflect how well you have read the history and the site itself, whether you really want to put in an effort or if you are just plain bored. HISTORY is important, get it? Because if it's not good enough, too short or just makes no sense then we are not going to accept it, try to keep that in mind.

Last i would like to say thanks for reading this lovely How to guide, i hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoy writing it.. Wait i hope you enjoyed it more.. Much more.

Written by: Krobon
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How to guide : Application Form
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