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 Player Race: Minore

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PostSubject: Player Race: Minore   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:21 pm

Much akin to giants, the Minore are a more barbaric race. They are very tribe-like, humanoid, and not the most intellegent race in the realm. This species is strong physically, but not so much mentally. They are capable of using cleric like magic, as well as shamanism. They stand 8-9 feet tall, their skin a range of colors. Hairstyles and such vary in accordance with tribe and region. This race is more the type to hit first and ask questions later...or not at all. The Minore are separated into clans, which are very territorial. The clans are headed by chieftains who are elected through feats of strengh or deeds of bravery/valor. Their weapons of choice are greatswords, warhammers, and the like.

The society is male dominated, the females left to care for the offspring and gather food for the tribe. Minores are strong and powerful creatures, possessing strength beyond that of the other races of Targon. The Minores usually are clad in animal skins and other. While they are not ugly creatures persay, they are not considered attractive by normal standards. Many Minores have been bred with the other inhabitants of Targon and Pratos.

Trade is common among with the Minore, they are expert craftsmen (wood carving, stone molding) and will often sell the fruits of their labor to more advanced races as decoration in turn for supplies and weapons. Food is obtained by hunting. Many tribesmen only speak their native tongue of Minore, but some possess the knowledge enough to comprehend and speak the common language of Targon. Breading is at an average rate. Gestation for a female is 10 months, and she gives birth to 1 or 2 offspring. They live to be around 70.

The Minore are native to the mountain regions of Targon. They prefer to make their homes in the caves dotting the mountainsides.

Written by : Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Minore
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