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 Player Race: Lukka

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PostSubject: Player Race: Lukka   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:23 pm

Lukka are wolven-like humanoids. They walk upright on double jointed hind legs, their feet like wolven paws, though slightly elongated toes with ebony claws. Their feet have adapted, allowing them to walk upright. A large dew claw protrudes from the back of each foot, a sharp and dangerous weapon. Their torso is very humanoid, though the stomach sunken in a bit, accenting the ribs. The shoulders are in tandem with the rest of the body, the arms slightly longer than human. Five sharp claws adorn the hand, capable of grasping as well as wrending flesh. The head of the lukka is very similar to that of a wolf's, long and slender snouts, with a dark nose on the tip. Pointed wolven ears adorn the top of their heads along with a pair of horns. Males horns curve forward, while female horns curve back. The lukka have fur covering their bodies, save for the tops of their heads and down their spine. The 'hair' on the top of their head is actually a mane of thick spines that lay like hair and spreads down their back. When in battle the spines are raised and used as weapons or defense. The hair spines can be tied back into a ponytail of sorts, as well as adorned with ornaments. The fur can be hues of white and black. Royal blood is shown by a colored hue in the fur. Jewelry is common among the lukka. Tattoos are inked into the fur. More radical means of tattooing is branding, and covering the brand with ink. Nudity is socially taboo. Males usually have a bulkier, stronger build than females, who tend to be more slender and flexibility based. Genitalia is akin to a human for both gender.

The lukka have the ability to shift their bodies to a wolven shape. Their wolven shape is phenotypically the same as their more humanoid form, save for the fact that they walk on four paws. The spines and such remain.

The lukka are considered lovely beings by Targon standards. Their knowledge is more advanced than that of other races in close. While not a war-mongering race, they are advanced in the arts of combat. Preferring swords or knives, lukka are taught from a young age to use such weapons. The politics are based upon one member of the species who is held in high regard by the rest of the members of society. The Seer is a revered member of society, perhaps from a heroic deed, a scientific advance, etc.

Their cities are built on the coasts, with large majestic towers. Education is based on the arts of magic and combat. Lukka are trained in either the arcane or combat, but rarely neither. There are of course exceptions. Some lukka opt to pursue a different class. Their heirarchy has only three tiers; the Seer, adults, and juveniles. Ophaned lukka are often adopted by another. Lukka give birth to a litter, but the gestation period is long, lasting 19 months. They have a long life, the oldest recorded Lukka reaching up to 700 years. Females only give birth once every 2-3 decades.

Families are made of a male and a female. Usually lukka choose one mate and stay with their mate for life. Lukka speak their native language of Lauma and also the common language of Targon.

After the Apocalypse the lukka were virtually wiped out. Their magestic cities put to ruin. Few lukka remain, and their lore is very much lost. Lukkan cities are slowly beginning to rebuild and the population is very slowly rebuilding itself. The lukka follow a very strict code of honor and have laws regarding their culture. The lukka have claws, but using them is considered savage. Lukka who disobey the rules of their kind (such as savagry, murder, etc) are immediatly exiled from the lukka society, with no chance of returning to their civilization.

Written by : Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Lukka
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