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 Player Race: Ghon

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PostSubject: Player Race: Ghon   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:28 pm

The Ghon are the stealthiest race on Targon. Their bodies are a pure obsidian color, with dark chitinous plates covering the soft skin beneath. Their legs are shaped like that of a human, their feet have six toes per foot. There is a thin membrane of webbing between the toes, and the nails are small, but are usually filed to a point. The torso is thin, covered by dual chitinous plates. Small spines protrude from the armor. Their arms are long and thin, triple jointed claws adorn their hands. Five fingers on each hand. The forearm is decorated with chitinous spines, which can be deadly in battle. The Ghon have a long tail that grows from the base of their spine. A scythe like blade adorns the tip of the tail. Before battle, a Ghon will usually dip the scythe in a deadly poison.

Dual scythe like blades jut from the shoulderblades. It is thought thati these may have once been wings, but now they are simple vestigial parts. The head of the creature is humanoid, with two sets of eyes. One set in the normal position, the second, smaller set, is positioned on the outer sides of the first set of eyes. This allows the creature a further range of vision, and better depth perception. The nose is rather sharply pointed, and the mouth is filled with vampiresque fangs. Their ears are delicately pointed, like an elf´s. Two long horns protrude from the head of the creature. These horns are like personality. No two Ghon have the same horns, may they be different shape, color, direction. Females have distinctly feminine facial features, while males have distinctly male facial features.

These creatures are extremely flexible and usually take up mercenary roles in Targon. They are not capable of great strength because of their build. But in time they can become quite powerful creatures. The Ghon are preferably solitary creatures, choosing an isolated exsistance, over a colony or family. They do however come together to mate. The female bares one offspring, caring for it for 1 to 2 years before abandoning it to fend for itself. The Ghon are rather coldhearted creatures, not caring for the wellbeing of the other inhabitants of Targon. The care not for trade, but can be greedy in terms of wealth. They are expert weapon masters and are gifted in the art of crafting weapons, due to their extremely dextrous hands. While experts in crafting, they are also experts in stealth combat and the use of lighter weapons. They are capable of using heavier weapons, but it takes years of training in order to train their lithe muscle to handle a heavier weapon. The Ghon have mastered the art of fusing Pratos weapon technology with their own. Their weapons are usually a mix between the two worlds, making them extremely dangerous in both worlds.

Ghon rarely speak. Their native language is one of telepathy, thus any language they learn is capable of being transmitted through their telepathy. Markings are rare, as they prefer to identify themselves by their horn structure. Ghons, unlike other creatures lay an egg sac, the young remaining in the sac for up to 3 months until birth. Usually one Ghon is born at a time. They can live up to the age of 300 years.

Ghon are usually found in the deep tropical forests on Targon. They prefer warmer climates, as they have very little body fat to keep them warm. They will venture into the Truan cities and the remaining Lukkan citites to sell their weaponry and to pawn their mercenary skills.

Written by : Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Ghon
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