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 Player Race: Truan

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PostSubject: Player Race: Truan   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:32 pm

The basic and most prominant race on Targon. They are neither the strongest nor the smartest, but they have managed to carve a large niche into the lands of Targon. Truans are what appear to be a cross between what would be a a human and an elf. They are moderatly sized, reaching heights of up to 7 feet. Their ears are delicately pointed. Their builds can range from muscular and broad, to delicate and slim. Their hair can range from any hue, as well as their skin color. Eye color is usually green, blue, purple, or pink. The truans are capable of interbreeding with any race on Targon. They have integrated themselves into the magical communities of Targon as well as the more war-like races. While not overly powerful, they are capable of surviving in this post apocalyptic world.

The Truan cities are vast, containing libraries, education centers and other facilities. The Truans are capable of wielding any weapon or becoming any class. They are the most versatile of the Targon species. Their cities are cultural meccas, species of all kinds congregate to trade, share knowledge, etc. The Truans are numerous, the one race to have survived the apocalypse mostly intact. While their cities are still in the process of rebuilding, their history and their culture remained intact. Truans can live up to the age of 150. Their gestation period is 8 months, usually only 1-2 are born at a time, the most recorded has been 6.

Truans are lead by by an emperor, a central figurehead in politics. Many smaller political parties support the emperor, giving him advice and serving as his cabinet. The people are governed by rules and laws set down by the government and the emperor himself. A caste system is in place in the Truan society, making it very difficult to move up through the ranks of society.

Written by : Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Truan
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