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 Player Race: Archus

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PostSubject: Player Race: Archus   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:33 pm

The Archus are a very elusive race, their world built upon the arcane arts. They are the master mages of Targon. The Archus seem to be a cross between the equine races and the Truan race (though they are their own race entirely). They possess 4 legs with hooves. Their legs can range from slender, like a deer, to thicker, like a draft horse. A human torso is perched on the equine's body. They look much akin to Centaurs, save for the fact that they lack a mouth. Their hooves are designed to absorb the nutrients from the grass, which in turn provides the Archus with nourishment. The Archus use telepathy to speak to other races. Their native language is one of hand-signals, an intricate sign language. They sport a human nose and almond shaped eyes. Their ears are pointed, though usually covered by long hair. Their hair is more like a mane, it spreads from the top of their head and down their back (not including the horse-back). Archus can be any color. Due to their build they are swift runners.

Archus are the pioneers and leaders of the arcane arts. They do not possess great strength, but what they lack in physicality they make up for knowledge and magic. Archus children are immediatly taught the simplest spells and dweomers as soon as they are able to comprehend their existance (within a year). Children are born 1-2 at a time, with a gestation period for females of 9 months. They live to be approx. 200.

Archus are very herd oriented. They live in large family groups on the plains of Targon. They are not territorial and will often meet with other herds to discuss arcane matters. Each tribe has a leader, called the Elder. The Elders together form a council. The council decides upon matters as a group, which effect the entire species. Elders each carry a staff, empowered with a unique spell. When each spell is cast simultaneously casted they produce a devestating effect. This has only been used once however, as the beginning of the apocalypse. Housing is not needed, but long, one story, rock buildings are constructed and serve as a basis for the study of the magical arts. They become very powerful in the art of the arcane the longer they live. Their spells can be devestating, but the society as a whole very rarely uses these spells of destruction.

The Archus are experts at herbology and alchemy. They often will barter passing caravans for suplies to aid their alchemical needs. In turn they will trade their potions and scrolls. Archus goods are very high quality, and simple spells are not hard to use.

They tend to drape linens or silks around their bodies to cover themselves. Their upper body is covered for both males and females (except for the addition of armor) and a larger swath is draped over the equine body. Metal jewelry is uncommon, but stone jewelry is not.

Written by: Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Archus
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