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 Player Race: Yidtritch

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PostSubject: Player Race: Yidtritch   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:34 pm

The Yidtritch are the most complex species on Targon. They do not have much going for them in the way of physical appearance or physical strength, but they do not need it. This species looks like something out of a horror picture. A hellishly thin creature, with abnormally long limbs, it usually uses its front limbs to support itself in walking (think almost like Gollum from LOTR). It has but two fingers and a thumb on each hand with only fingernails, no claws. The feet have 4 toes, and only toenails. The head is humanoid, but elongated, with long cheek and jaw bones. Their mouths are relatively small, their teeth flat. Their nose is seemngly nonexistant, their face flat carrying a slight and gradual mound as if the nose was beneath the skin. Two small slits suffice for the inhale and exhale of breath. Their eyes appear to be hollow sockets, with a milky white orb floating within. Their ears not but holes in the sides of their heads. They have no hair on their bodies, their skin is rubbery, providing no protection against weapons. Their skin can range from a dark gray to a mottled dark green.

Having no real physical protection, the Yidtritch have made their home deep in the earth, creating vast cities beneath the ground. Their eyes primarily function in the low light, but are useable in the sunlight. Their cities are lit by torchlight, the very rock feeding the flames. The Yidtritch mine the rock from the caverns in order to feed the flames. Their homes are built right into the rock itself. The cities are not tall, but relatively low to the cavern floor. The Yidtritch feed off of the creatures, mosses, and fungi found in the cavernous underground.

The Yidtritch have no means of physical defense and are by no means considered strong. In their natural form they are very weak. But they do have one thing going for them, they are the most intellegent race on Targon. They have vast libraries with thousands of tomes of information detailing every aspect of Targon. While a rarely seen race, they are indeed the scribes of the past, present, and future. The people are governed by a democracy, a majority vote on the leader, who rules the people. It is difficult to distinguish between genders and usually they can only be distinguished by voice. Their voice is raspy and harsh, but it is still possible to tell a male voice from a female voice. Females have a gestation period of 13 months, with a lifespan of 375 years. Usually females only bear one child in their lifetime.

With all of their flaws and as the weakest race on Targon, the Yidtritch do have one large advantage. They have mastered the art of shapeshifting. It is however not easy and takes decades of study and dedication to even begin the process. In order to shift, a Yidtritch must obtain a piece of the species it wishes to shift into, whether it be a finger, a piece of flesh, or an organ. The Yidtritch must graft the the foreign flesh onto its own. And through time and meditation the Yidtritch may access that form. With the forms come the abilities of that race (if the race is arcane able, then the Yidtritch will be able to access the arcane while in that shape as well). However it is not that simple, other species are not willing to give their flesh without a fight. And being the weakest creature, obtaining the flesh is very difficult. Not only must they obtain the flesh, but the bloodtype of the creature they are trying to aquire must be compatable. To find a compatable donor, the Yidtritch must taste the donor's blood. Only a drop of the blood is needed in the mouth of the Yidtritch in order for it to discern if the blood is compatable or not. The Yidtritch is also capable of combining the forms it has acquired into something original.

While the Yidtrich may be the weakest creatures in their natural forms, but the elder Yidtritch who have dedicated their life to the art of shifting and molding their bodies (which would have dozens of grafted patches of skin on their bodies) are the most powerful beings on Targon. It is possibly to be incredibly powerful, but the Yidtritch start off very weak and must work extremely hard in order to obtain this incredible power.

Written by: Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Yidtritch
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