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 Player Race: Nymphaniads

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PostSubject: Player Race: Nymphaniads   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:35 pm

Born of magic, this race is divided up into three nationalites, of sorts, Fire, Water, and Earth. They are mostly peaceful creatures with an innate knowledge of nature and their enviroment, powerful and mighty but mostly seen as sedate wisdom-givers that dwell in their respective locations. They are known as the guardians of nature.
None of the Nymphaniads have genders- though most Earth Nymphaniads appear as women, with long flowing hair and slim frames. All Nyphaniads feed or are kept alive by their respective element. Hence, they cannot stray too far from their residences.

The Earth Nymphaniads reside in forests, trees, and plants. Very solitary, they take on the form of tall, thin human shapes made out of intertwining roots and twigs, forming limbs and digits with long thickets of moss for hair. Often mistaken for trees, they reside in their peaceful haven, gathering wisdom. Usually passive and welcoming, if angered the earth Nymphaniads are known to become extremly agressive, using magic to repell and destroy attackers.
They are usually linked to three roots underground, allowing them to manipulate nature when needed, using roots and vines to entangle and capture certain predators. They reproduce in the same way flowers do.
They answer to no-one but a main elder, the oldest of all the Earth creatures who resides in their midst.

The Fire Nymphaniads usually reside in volacanos, or on occaision within dwellings where a hearth is present. They are mischevious impish creatures who love to play tricks and taunt, but are basically harmless. They materialize as a small fairy-sized shape made of yellow and red glowing embers surrounded by flames that crackle as they move.
They also are magic users, but usually manipulate fire in small doses. Fire Nymphaniads are very social and are usually found with thousands of its own kind. They lives within a commune of its own kind. Reproduction is done by choosing a mate, where they both shape another out of the ash of dead Fire Nypmaniads and set it alight with their own blazes.
Fire Nymphaniad's have a democracy of sorts- each is free to do what it pleases as long as it is not harmful to its fellows.
They usually are up for hire for anything.

The Water Nymphaniads reside in bodies of water- could be a puddle, river, ocean. doesn't matter. They reproduce by being evaporated up, and with the course of precipitation, are rained down into the oceans and lands, creating new life. However if a water Nymphaniad is stranded on land they are absorbed into the earth and used to help life grow. The materialize as usally either a dolphin made entirely out of water, or a humanoid face peering out of the water. They are the most unpredictable and dangerous, the elders capable of causing storms and tsunamis whenever they please. They can of course shift their shape into many different sizes and consistancies, but they are still be transparent.

Water Nymphaniads meld with the water, so they are all part of the same body, but with different conciousness', detatching and swarming as they please. They usually stay well away from the shores, as other creatures need to drink and bathe, acts which the water Nymphaniads want nothing to do with.

Written by: Maus
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Player Race: Nymphaniads
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