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 Player Race: Xarys

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PostSubject: Player Race: Xarys   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:36 pm

The Xarys are the other race (apart from the Truans) to have survived mostly intact. They are hulking beasts, which usually walk on all four limbs like apes. They are the strongest known beings on Targon. Their hind feet are massive hooves, with a feathering of fur draping over a bit of the hoof. This species sports massive barrel chests and upper body. They usually walk hunched over on their knuckles, but are capable of standing on their hind feet. Their arms are incredibly muscled to support their weight. The hands of the Xarys are wide, with two fingers and a thumb, tipped with reasonably sharp claws. The beasts walk on their knuckles as to protect the sharpness of the talons, thus their knuckles are as hard as rock. Their heads look like that of a rhinoceros, though they have dual thick horns on their snout instead of one, two horns of equal length, adjacent to each other. The Xarys'skin is a thick hide, giving it excellent protection, though most tend to wear plates of armor on their bodies. The skin/light fur coloration can range from a deep black to a very pale gray. Their sense of smell and hearing is above average, but their eyesight is poor. When standing on their hind feet they can reach heights of 11 feet.

They are rational beings, but are not known to have the highest of intellegence. They are unable to use magic at all, and because of their size they are not stealthy in the least. The Xarys are the bruisers of the Targon world. They lead the forefront of the attacks on Pratos, wreaking havoc. The Xarys barter weapons and armor from other races on Targon, usually weapons are made specifically for their race; massive warhammers, maces, flails, and greataxes are the most commonly used weapons of the Xarys. Usually they barter their skills in battle, but rarely do they barter with goods, choosing the monetary system of gold coins to pay for the goods. A large sling is made on the backs of these creatures (usually attached to the armor) to carry the weapons while not in use.

The Xarys can be found anywhere on Targon, usually perferring to stick to smaller squadrons in the major cities or around the site of the Rift. They had once been governed as a whole, but after the Apocalypse they were broken apart, the smaller squads independent from each other. Each squad has two leaders, a male and female. Males tend to be a bit bigger than the females, but the female is more aggressive. Gestation for females is 13 months, but the offspring mature more quickly than most other races. Their growth rate is a bit more rapid, allowing them access to combat sooner than other races. Most Xarys can live until the age of 150.
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Player Race: Xarys
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