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 Player Race: Dessarti

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PostSubject: Player Race: Dessarti   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:36 pm

Dessarti are a relative of the lukka. It was thought that in the beginning of evolution the lukka species split into two subspecies, thus creating the "pure" lukka and the Dessarti. Due to the completely different climates during the time of evolution, the Dessarti and the Lukka evolved differently. The Dessarti (in their fox and anthro forms) are smaller than the Lukka.

Dessarti are a humanoid form of Fennec foxes. They can stand on two and four legs, have a long bushy tail, and sandy fur all over their bodies. A thick silky mane is in place where hair would be for humans. They have short muzzles, that are almost cat like, but a tad longer, and hin slitted eyes. Tall, broad ears adorn their heads, which are a sandy color as well, with black tips. The ears are large so that heat may escape the Dessarti's bodies faster. Their reproductive anatomy is very different from a human, and similar to that of a fox. Females do not have breasts, and males have a sheathed shaft, both areas mostly hidden by fur. They are built for hot climates. Dessarti have black stripes running from the corners of there eyes which swerve around the muzzle and go down the neck, stopping where the lighter chest fur begins. Dessarti's hind legs are most akin to fox legs. However they are double jointed enabling the creature to snap the bones in and out of place, allowing them to stand on two legs or four. They have paws on all four limbs, but the front have an extra knuckle, which makes hunting with spears and bows much easier.

These creatures have evolved in the barren, scorching deserts of Targon. They have adapted to the climate well. Their bodies have little fat, and their fur is light. Dessarti carry up to two young for around 5 months and the young are birthed live. They are unable to open their eyes until after the first few days of life, and are fully dependant on their mothers' milk until they are a full six months of age. After the first six months the pups are able to sit up and crawl partially by themselves, and are able to eat half digested meats that their mother or other family members have regurgitated for them. Caring for the young is shared by all members of the coven. Dessarti live to be around the age of 60.

Since water is scarce and food is harder to come by the Dessarti and the Barvore are natural enemies. They must compete for the resources that they need to survive.

They live in covens consisting of close family; mothers, fathers, brothers sisters, aunts uncles. There is no central government, just authority in the families (similar to a monarchy in each coven). The monarchy is made up with the dominant male as the King, the dominant female as the Queen. Dominance can be lost through death, or the loss of a challenge. The children of the coven do not automatically assume duties of the King and Queen, rather, the next strongest female or male can assume the position(s). If there is a challenge for the leadership a duel takes place, the winner of the sanctioned duel assuming the leadership roll of the coven.

Dessarti can run at incredible speeds, and have an imense amount of stamina. Dessarti are unable to swim, as they do not have much experience with it. They cannot withstand the colder climates either. With their large ears and thin coats they cannot keep the heat within their bodies. Dessarti wear little to no clothing, They may wear helmets and vests during battle, but not much else. They feel no need to add any extra layers as their bodies are adapted to the heat and the climate. They trade things fashioned out of hides or rocks they've found, such as spears, spear heads, water skins, food storage bags, satchels, clothing, and jewelry.

They build two story cities, the undergound level and the upperground level. Both are used. The underground one is a series of hallway like tunnels and spacious rooms where residency is often built. The above ground city is for shops, trade, and daily activities. Mainly a mixture of sand, mud, and water (called adobe) is used to build their cities.

They have the ability to shift from their anthro state to a full fennec fox form (fennec foxes are about the size of a common housecat). The Dessarti are a tribal race, they use swords, spears, bow, and arrows for weapons. Claws and fangs are used if no weapon is available to them. Unlike Lukka they are not restricted from using their natural weapons. Some have managed a running water system if an oasis is available nearby. Underground tunnels are manned by the younger or weaker members of the individual covens. They pump the water into the homes for the older/higher ranking members of the coven.

Written by: Reokeo
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Player Race: Dessarti
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