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 Player Race: Sentinels

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PostSubject: Player Race: Sentinels   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:37 pm

A robot race designed from bio-mecha material, built to model and copy living behaviour. They function as a conglomerative hive-mind, each being having its own sustainable Artificially Intelligent core proscessing unit enabling it to function and survive on its own, but all connected to the one main hive-mind that enables them to download any information, knowledge or upgrades that any other of their race has acquired.

Each unit has the ability to think and act of its own will, even to the point of downloading different personality programs. They make their decision's based on what is logical and the most practical to do, unless their personality chip has programmed them to act otherwise. (ie. If a unit has downloaded the personality of a very emotional and reckless nature, the chip will cause them to act appropriately.

The units usually form in groups of about 100, as they function better when closer to a large section of the hive-mind. The hive-mind is controlled by a choice few higher intelligences of AI's, that weed out viruses from among the collective and ensure peace and harmony. However if the collective is threatened, the controllers can trigger defensive/offensive modes within each of the unit's cerebral cortex.

Every unit looks distinctly humanoid, with the exception of them having no facial features except eyes.
Sound waves are emitted from speakers either side of the throat, and the optic sensors are set into the head to avoid damage. Every unit has a dull metallic skin and control panels on their right wrist to fix damaged parts in case one is damaged.

When a unit powers down, other damaged units will take apart its processor and use its remains to power and fix their own wounds. Units are solar-powered, and can store up to 12 hours excess energy for the dark hours. Units reside in tall metal hive-shaped structures, constantly under construction and upgraded themselves.

Sentinels have no need for genders, but there are male and female units all the same.
They wear no clothes- just a thin mercury-esque suit that covers their torsos. The androids can also run twice as fast as organic beings due to the advanced hydrolysis in their legs, and the fact they don't have to breathe.
Also, many Sentinels can plug themselves into the mainframe of a computer, browsing, downloading or hacking it.

Written by : Maus
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Player Race: Sentinels
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