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 Player Race: Venuchii

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PostSubject: Player Race: Venuchii   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:38 pm

The Venuchii, also known as the Inventors, are small humanoids with great physical differences between genders. Males are much smaller than females ranging from 27 to 3 feet tall and are much stockier often weighing a good 42 lbs heavier than the females. Males have blue skin pigmentation and hair colour varies from bright red to light orange. Females on the other hand are much taller and much slimmer. The height of the female creator ranges from 3 feet to 35. Females also have blue skin pigmentation however their hair colours range from silver, white and white with tints of blue.

The Venuchii are well known for their big heads, expressing their intelligence physically. Many arguments have occurred over who has the bigger head, although many medical examinations have come back with inconclusive evidence of who has the bigger head. For decades this argument has remained unresolved and males and females constantly argue over this petty matter. Despite this they must work together for survival not only in reproduction but in society as a whole.

The Venuchii very much rely on their inventions and creations hence their nickname, they have created a great many things in order to survive, from power sources to robotics and security systems. As with their physical appearance there are differences between genders in their work status. Females are the designers and the programmers working with computers. They stay in extremely sterile conditions and are often seen wearing white coats. The Males however are the engineers they fix the inventions and build what the females design. They are often seen wearing dirty looking protective armour with a blast visor to protect the eyes from bright lights and flying debris. All males can be seen wearing a welder socketed within the armoured suit.

The Venuchii managed to survive the apocolyptic event with minimal damage to their highly advanced city structure which is heavily run on computer systems. It is likely this was due to the shield system in place around the city which is likely to have took the majority of the devestation. For those that live in the wilds and barrens, The Venuchii city may seem strange with every system including transport running smoothly and efficiently. The city is filled with towering skyscrapers with monorail like transport weaving in and out of the many structures. When one travels around the big city robots can be seen gonig about all regular duties such as cleaning and security leaving the Venuchii time to simply invent.

When the Venuchii are not working they do indeed lead social lives, Female Venuchii always search for the best male engineer in which to build their projects. Once a male is chosen they become joined and will work as one until death. The Venuchii reproduce much the same as a human but their lifespan is much greater ranging from 115-125 years.

The Venuchii's greatest achievement was also its biggest problem. They created the sentinels to advance their already advanced robotics. However unlike previous robotics the sentinels were able to learn and were not restricted by what they were programmed for. This gave them a sentient like form and soon they broke off from the Venuchii forging their own destiny and own civilisation. There was nothing the creators could do to stop the sentinels so instead they allowed them to leave. For now the sentinels and Venuchii have remained in peace but the Venuchii always fear the day the Sentinels return.

Written by : Rohke
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Player Race: Venuchii
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