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 Player Race: Ilulimines

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PostSubject: Player Race: Ilulimines   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:39 pm

The Ilulimines are one of the strangest of beings of Pratos, if they can be called beings that is. However they do seem to have some thought process and emotion even if they have no physical being. The Ilulimines are actually simply energy sources floating around as a big cloud of powerful energy. It is unknown as to whether there are males and females as they do not talk or have any physical difference. Each Ilumimine looks physically the same a simple cluster of bright light energy. Despite not having the ability to talk they can communicate by changing colour to express mood and intention. Red colouration generally means aggressive while blue is friendly it has been recorded by the Venuchii that such energy based lifeforms have entered their computer system and was able to communicate through computers or robots. This was a worrying find as the Ilulimines were able to control any object that had an energy source and were also able to feed off it like a parasite.

The Ilulimines are often found at the sacred meteor crash site which sprouted a forest of high energy outputting devices that just looked like a forest however this forest was completely inorganic apart from the energy in which is produced. This energy forest was therefore nicknamed the Ilulimine forest.

The lifespan of the Ilulimine is unknown but what is known is that they require a constant supply of energy or their life force will simple fade. They reproduce by consuming energy and splitting off into two separate Ilulimines.

One famous ilulimine joined the Venuchii taking control of one of the more advanced robots allowing speech and communication. It was found then that the Ilulimines are actually individuals with names. The Ilumimines do infact have a hierarchy and politics with one leader elected with several high elders below the leader.

Written by: Rohke
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Player Race: Ilulimines
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