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 Animal: Kazur'ha

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PostSubject: Animal: Kazur'ha   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:42 pm

The Kazur'ha are tempermental and can be difficult to train, taking at least the better part of 3 decades to train one to be a decent mount. The Kazur'ha were nearly wiped out in the Apocalypse, making them harder to come by. While hard to train, once they have been successfully trained they are fiercely loyal to their masters, fighting to the death beside their master, or even in rage over the death of their master.

The Kazur'ha are long reptilian beasts, their hind legs are short, while their arms are actually wings. The beasts support their body weight on the elbow joint of their wings when they are grounded. The elbow joint sports three small claws which act as a makeshift foot for the wing. The wing tips are large spikes, perfect for ariel fights. The creature's head is relatively small, but with massive incisors. The creatures head is decidedly feline, with enormous saber teeth. The creatures eyes are a deep orange color. The ears are set on the sides of the head, rather than perched on the top. The ears are long and thin, pointing backwards from the head to appear as horns. Male Kazur'ha sport a thick mane of fur, while females do not. They can range from hues of red and orange to black, most sport stripes. The tail is long and powerful, dual blades are set on the sides of the tip of the tale, like a double-bladed axe. These are strictly meat eaters. The body of the beast is covered in scales. Small spikes grow up from the shoulder and thigh joints. They can reach up to 25 feet in length

They are dangerous to tame and even more dangerous to ride. If not trained properly the Kazur'ha will easily throw its rider and devour him. These animals are only found in the mountain regions of Targon.
Riders can be any species except the Archus and the Xarys.
The saddle is an expensive and complex piece of equipment. The saddle wraps around the body of the beast securely with two straps, one across the base of the neck, the other looping around the legs of the animal securing the saddle from the back. The saddle itself allows the rider to be strapped in. The beast is usually controlled by a spiked flail wielded by the rider.
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Animal: Kazur'ha
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