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 Animal: Opura

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PostSubject: Animal: Opura   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:43 pm

The Opura is the most common speed mount on Targon. The beast if very light and nimble, making it very fast, but poor for strength. Don't expect to knock your enemies over on this beasty. These creatures are all over Targon, their colors vary depending on the climate.

Opura are bipedal lizards, much akin to a velociraptor. They sport thin, but powerful legs, and have wicked feet. Four toes in total make up the feet, however, the fourth toe is raised, sporting a thick claw which can be deadly in combat. Their feet are a bit elevated, as the creature walks more on its toes (giving it the sprinting ability). The arms are stronger as well, the creature being able to grasp its prey with ferocity. Two fingers and a thumb make up the hands of the creature, each with a maliciously tipped claw. The head is decidedly reptilian, with a medium length muzzle filled with short sharp teeth. The nostrils are positioned up near the eyes rather than on the tip of the snout. Two horns curve from the side of the head, the tips resting down by the creture's snout. These horns are used to stab their foe and toss, much like a bull. A long tail sprouts from the base of the spine in order for balance. the edges of the tip of the tail are serrated, thus if the tail is whipped against an enemy it is capable of mangling the flesh. Though keep in mind, this creature is not strong, so it's attacks, while sharp, are weak and will not inflict as much damage as a stronger creature. But they are much more capable of evading attacks and issuing quick counter attacks.

The Opura are easy to train. Only taking a year of intense training before they can bare a rider. They can be skittish or fierce, it all depends on the personality of the animal itself. They are a herd animal and tend to be kept in large groups. They are not known to attack other races, but can nip at their trainers. Rarely are they a threat to train.

The saddle is attached much like the Kazur'ha saddle, with the straps around the limbs and neck. Riders wear spiked leggings, putting pressure on the creature's flank while giving verbal commands. This is how the creature is steered so that the rider is free to use both hands in combat. The creature is large enough to carry any species except the Xarys. (Archus are unable to use mounts)
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Animal: Opura
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