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 Deities of Targon

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PostSubject: Deities of Targon   Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:15 pm

The pantheon of Targon is rather small, comprised of only five deities. The pantheon represents the most basic of ideals, each deity having more than one trait in its dogma. The five deities are taken from five of the Targon elements: Light, Dark, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each of the five is represented by an object. No specific race worships a certain deity, rather it is the “will of the gods” that each soul be able to chose his or her own deity to worship.

Name: Hektar
Alignment: Good

Dogma: Hektar is the name given to the God of Light. Hektar represents that which is good and pure, and is said to give strength to those of good and noble causes. He is the god of healing and health. His element is that of the light.
Appearance: A golden-skinned Truan with bright green eyes. He is clad in a light blue armour with a pennant in one hand (bearing his symbol), and a halberd in the other. His hair is a deep blue hue.

Name: Vraylar
Alignment: Evil

Dogma: This goddess represents that which is evil and malicious in the world of Targon. She is the deity of the moon and the night. Vraylar is the opposite of Hektar, she is the goddess of sickness and death. Her element is that of the darkness.
Appearance: A tall lukkan woman, with saber-teeth. Her fur is jet black with pure white spines. Her coiled horns are extra-long, curling backwards. She is always depicted wielding duel hand axes with notched blades. Her claws are longer as well, showing the epitome of evil.

Name: Hisinka
Alignment: Evil

Dogma: The goddess of war and rage. She represents the death and destruction in war and battle. She is the goddess of anger and hate. Her element is that of fire.
Appearance: A female xarys with black spiked armour, the spikes glowing a bright orange. A bright fiery ring adorns both horns. She is depicted wielding a massive warhammer made of pure flame.

Name: Gragaus
Alignment: Good

Dogma: The god of truth and justice. He is the god of knowledge and the arts, as well as magic. The waters of the oceans and such are ruled by him. His element is that of water.
Appearance: He appears as a blue skinned Truan with silver eyes. He is clad in a deep blue robe and wields a single broadsword, which is enchanted with an ice spell. Earrings of seaweed adorn his ears. His hair is a snowy white.

Name: Svan’ter
Alignment: Neutral

Dogma: The god of neutrality and the earth. The growth, flora and fauna are controlled by him. The balance of nature is in his hands. His element is that of earth.
Appearance: He appears as a deep brown Archus with a green mane. He carries only a staff, upon which appears as a gnarled tree.


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Deities of Targon
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