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 Player Races

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Kaljava Tlasfeer

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PostSubject: Player Races   Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:15 pm


The Kray were not an original species on Pratos. Rather they were one that originated due to the energy of the Rift. The Kray are the only known species on Pratos to have evolved with organic technology. It is unclear exactly how the Kray evolved so quickly, or even how they came to exist. They are unlike any species on Targon or Pratos. They hold no allegiance to either world, having been known to ally themselves with either side. The reason for this is unknown.

The creatures do not have a set physical appearance. Most are bipedal, but other than that the appearances are completely random. The only thing they do hold in common as a species is that of the eyes. Their eyes are simply deep black orbs set into their heads. Their eyes can glow certain hues in the dark, leading researchers to believe that they are capable of night vision. Very few of these creatures are born with wings or aquatic capabilities, making them primarily terrestrial beings.

As far as the organic technology is concerned, the Kray are diverse as well. These attributes can range from sonic blades (bone-like blades that vibrate at incredible speeds, making them wickedly sharp), to retractable blades, even to the extent of energy blades and psionic ability. Fire breath, invisibility, etc (you name it that can probably have it, save for invincibility). Creatures do not start out with these abilities, rather they mature and grow into them. The species can be a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes. .

The Kray are governed by one called the Overlord. The Overlord is the most powerful being in the Kray society. The Overlord was spawned at the moment the Rift was opened and the two worlds collided. The Overlord’s appearance can shift at his will, as he, and his powers are directly linked to the changing energies of the Rift. The Overlord is able to take the energy emitted by the Rift and mould it into other Kray. In the beginning the Overlord created mindless spawn, lower in power, but he was unable to completely dominate them. Following the first spawning, the Overlord created The Kray that are seen around today. While the Kray may be independent they are still fiercely loyal to the Overlord. The Overlord is supposedly an omnipotent being, and it is unknown how exactly the energy of the Rift is used to create his spawns.

The Kray are able to communicate in the common language of both worlds, but they do have their own language. To outsiders the language sounds like a deep humming sound, almost like an insect. The buildings are creatures themselves and are spawned through the Overlord. The buildings begin small and grow and change in accordance to the Kray’s needs (ie: The Kray population is expanding, not enough living space, the buildings will grow a new room). The buildings are living beings, just like the Kray.

The society of the Kray is one built strictly on hierarchy. The Overlord is at the top, his four Guardians (the 4 most powerful of his spawns, who are ranked from 1-4. If the first in rank dies, the second takes his place and a new Kray is added in the fourth, and least powerful spot) right below him. The rest of the Kray society is based on rank. Rank is determined by “birth”. The Overlord determines how the society will be divided up and spawns Kray accordingly. There is little to no chance that a spawned Kray can change his position in society. There are the food gatherers, the warriors (who can become one of the four Guardians, should one perish), and other miscellaneous duties than must be performed in the society.

The Kray have no gender, and cannot mate. They are only created through the Overlord. Some Kray look distinctly male or female, others do not. Their personalities are not gender based either. It is unknown how long their lifespan is.

There have been rumours going around in Pratos, that Kray similar to those who had been lost in expeditions to the rift have been seen. Why these similarities are there is unknown, though the rumours spread like wildfire about mysterious experiments, domination and other horrific methods of assimilation. The unpredictability of the Kray has been an eyesore for both worlds. The fact that their motives, their goals and their reasons for fighting are unknown makes them a frightening race to encounter. The greatest threat is their relation to the rift and the ability to be able to stay under the strenuous radiation.

Written by: Hobsyllwin and Krobon


The Rek’Tar is a brutish warrior race built on principles of honour and combat. They are a well built race, strong and tall giving them the strength to fight their honourable ways in melee combat. Although they are strong they are only moderately intelligent and often their brutish ways can be easily outwitted.

The Female Rek’Tar are also warriors although tend to be more agile than the males. Both males and females can range from 6 feet to 6’9 and the majority have long black hair with a few minor exceptions. They are a blend of humanoid and reptilian appearance and are often seen wearing armour covering all vital points but still leaving room for agility. The head is also covered by a rather technologically advanced helmet that enables x-ray vision and the ability to zoom in to far distances. The armour pieces all have a slow harmonic flashing neon light running through them, most likely a form of power source. The weapons of the Rek’Tar are strictly melee and all different melee weapons contain shocking properties to stun the opponent.

The Rek’Tar are divided into different houses, with each house coming together once a year to battle it out in combat to decide which house will rule for the next year, Their politics and law is very much connected to honour and battle. Any lawbreaker will be pitted against other lawbreakers in a fight to the death.

Due to this split into houses, there are various camps and dwellings scattered throughout the world of Pratos. These can Range from caves to simple barren wastelands in which no sane being would ever wander into. These camps are not your usual basic tent set up however they are quite high tech advanced structures. The Thirst for battle however means that these structures are not the best defended other than by the hands of a Rek'Tar warrior.

Rek’Tar are not given a name till they pass the trial of combat. Rek’Tar are usually deemed worthy of taking on the trial at the age of 9 or 10 however it has been known that there are indeed nameless elders. The Trial involves being sent out into the wilds to survive alone for 30 days, the wilds are harsh and filled with vile creatures and beasts. Successful completion of the trial results in a naming ceremony and feast in honour of the newly named Rek’Tar.

Rek'Tar are egg layers and each female can lay up to 7 eggs per season, The Eggs hatch after 30 days within specialised incubation structures. The lifespan of the Rek'Tar is a difficult question as there are no records of any Rek'Tar dying from old age, However it is known that Rek'Tar have lived upto and over 350 years of age. With no record of death caused by age this cannot be deemed fact.

Written by :Rohke


The Ilulimines are one of the strangest of beings of Pratos, if they can be called beings that is. However they do seem to have some thought process and emotion even if they have no physical being. The Ilulimines are actually simply energy sources floating around as a big cloud of powerful energy. It is unknown as to whether there are males and females as they do not talk or have any physical difference. Each Ilumimine looks physically the same a simple cluster of bright light energy. Despite not having the ability to talk they can communicate by changing colour to express mood and intention. Red colouration generally means aggressive while blue is friendly it has been recorded by the Venuchii that such energy based lifeforms have entered their computer system and was able to communicate through computers or robots. This was a worrying find as the Ilulimines were able to control any object that had an energy source and were also able to feed off it like a parasite.

The Ilulimines are often found at the sacred meteor crash site which sprouted a forest of high energy outputting devices that just looked like a forest however this forest was completely inorganic apart from the energy in which is produced. This energy forest was therefore nicknamed the Ilulimine forest.

The lifespan of the Ilulimine is unknown but what is known is that they require a constant supply of energy or their life force will simple fade. They reproduce by consuming energy and splitting off into two separate Ilulimines.

One famous ilulimine joined the Venuchii taking control of one of the more advanced robots allowing speech and communication. It was found then that the Ilulimines are actually individuals with names. The Ilumimines do infact have a hierarchy and politics with one leader elected with several high elders below the leader.

Written by: Rohke


The Harque are a type of cyborg-like creature. They appear humanoid, their thighs a milky white color down to the knee, where metal plating has been fused to their skin. Their legs below the knee are cyborg-like, the feet being metal bird-like talons. Their torsos are humanoid, being covered by advanced lightweight armor. Their arms are humanoid as well, the bicep is like the thigh, the skin uncovered and a bleach white. The elbow and forearm are covered by the same metal plating (fused to the skin) as the feet. Metal claws adorn the fingers of the "glove". The forearm plates also contain the Harque's main weapon. During battle a Harque can 'summon'a blade of energy from each forearm. The blade is crescent-like, stemming from the plates on the forearm. The blade is not tangible, but rather made out of pure energy. It is as deadly as a blade of steel, though the energy blade will never dull. The head is humanoid, with no nose, ears, nor mouth, only eyes. The creatures possess no hair. Upon maturity the Harque's head is encased in a metal helmet, which attaches where the mouth would be. The front of the helmet is in the form of a thick beak. The mask extends around the cheeks, the outer edges of the eyes, and arcs up over the eyes to form a peak between the center of the eyes. The entire skull is encased in the metal plating which is then fused to the creature's flesh. The decorum adorning the mask (be it designs or other) is related to their family. The helmet is a family crest of sorts. Large metal wings are fused onto their skin and tapped into their muscular and nervous systems, allowing them voluntary movement of the wings, as well as flight. These suits sustain them with the necessary nutrients to survive.

Without the armor fusing and technology, the Harque are a very plain creature. Males and females have humanoid genitalia. Gestation is 9 months, 1-2 young are born at a time, and they have a lifespan of up to 125 years. The young mature at an average rate and are fused with the cybornetic feet and arms at a very young age. Young Harque, who have not yet been fused with their suits, live off of the baby fat which was stored within the mother's womb until they are fused with their suits. They speak through the audio equipment built into their suits. Their brainwaves transmit the thoughts into the mask, which in turn makes and audible voice. Thus, young are unable to speak until they are fused with their suit.

The Harque are experts at flight combat. While not overly strong or dextrous they are nicely balanced with both. They are well adapted to life in the air and on land. Water means death however. With the heavily equipment fused to their person a Harque would easily drown in deeper water, sunk to the bottom by the weight. Even extracting themselves from water, or soggy ground is immensely difficult.

The Harque live in clans, stationed on the cliffs overlooking the barren wastelands. They make their homes in the shallow caves that snake through the mountainsides. The clans are governed by one leader, though the clans are not united. They trade freely with the other races of Pratos, mainly energy cells which power their suits.

Written by: Hobsyllwin


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Kaljava Tlasfeer

Number of posts : 64
Age : 32
Location : Netherlands
Registration date : 2008-07-29

PostSubject: Re: Player Races   Wed Aug 06, 2008 12:17 pm


The Venuchii, also known as the Inventors, are small humanoids with great physical differences between genders. Males are much smaller than females ranging from 2’7 to 3 feet tall and are much stockier often weighing a good 42 lbs heavier than the females. Males have blue skin pigmentation and hair colour varies from bright red to light orange. Females on the other hand are much taller and much slimmer. The height of the female creator ranges from 3 feet to 3’5. Females also have blue skin pigmentation however their hair colours range from silver, white and white with tints of blue.

The Venuchii are well known for their big heads, expressing their intelligence physically. Many arguments have occurred over who has the bigger head, although many medical examinations have come back with inconclusive evidence of who has the bigger head. For decades this argument has remained unresolved and males and females constantly argue over this petty matter. Despite this they must work together for survival not only in reproduction but in society as a whole.

The Venuchii very much rely on their inventions and creations hence their nickname, they have created a great many things in order to survive, from power sources to robotics and security systems. As with their physical appearance there are differences between genders in their work status. Females are the designers and the programmers working with computers. They stay in extremely sterile conditions and are often seen wearing white coats. The Males however are the engineers they fix the inventions and build what the females design. They are often seen wearing dirty looking protective armour with a blast visor to protect the eyes from bright lights and flying debris. All males can be seen wearing a welder socketed within the armoured suit.

The Venuchii managed to survive the apocolyptic event with minimal damage to their highly advanced city structure which is heavily run on computer systems. It is likely this was due to the shield system in place around the city which is likely to have took the majority of the devestation. For those that live in the wilds and barrens, The Venuchii city may seem strange with every system including transport running smoothly and efficiently. The city is filled with towering skyscrapers with monorail like transport weaving in and out of the many structures. When one travels around the big city robots can be seen gonig about all regular duties such as cleaning and security leaving the Venuchii time to simply invent.

When the Venuchii are not working they do indeed lead social lives, Female Venuchii always search for the best male engineer in which to build their projects. Once a male is chosen they become joined and will work as one until death. The Venuchii reproduce much the same as a human but their lifespan is much greater ranging from 115-125 years.

The Venuchii's greatest achievement was also its biggest problem. They created the sentinels to advance their already advanced robotics. However unlike previous robotics the sentinels were able to learn and were not restricted by what they were programmed for. This gave them a sentient like form and soon they broke off from the Venuchii forging their own destiny and own civilisation. There was nothing the creators could do to stop the sentinels so instead they allowed them to leave. For now the sentinels and Venuchii have remained in peace but the Venuchii always fear the day the Sentinels return.

Written by : Rohke


A robot race designed from bio-mecha material, built to model and copy living behaviour. They function as a conglomerative hive-mind, each being having its own sustainable Artificially Intelligent core proscessing unit enabling it to function and survive on its own, but all connected to the one main hive-mind that enables them to download any information, knowledge or upgrades that any other of their race has acquired.

Each unit has the ability to think and act of its own will, even to the point of downloading different personality programs. They make their decision's based on what is logical and the most practical to do, unless their personality chip has programmed them to act otherwise. (ie. If a unit has downloaded the personality of a very emotional and reckless nature, the chip will cause them to act appropriately.

The units usually form in groups of about 100, as they function better when closer to a large section of the hive-mind. The hive-mind is controlled by a choice few higher intelligences of AI's, that weed out viruses from among the collective and ensure peace and harmony. However if the collective is threatened, the controllers can trigger defensive/offensive modes within each of the unit's cerebral cortex.

Every unit looks distinctly humanoid, with the exception of them having no facial features except eyes.
Sound waves are emitted from speakers either side of the throat, and the optic sensors are set into the head to avoid damage. Every unit has a dull metallic skin and control panels on their right wrist to fix damaged parts in case one is damaged.

When a unit powers down, other damaged units will take apart its processor and use its remains to power and fix their own wounds. Units are solar-powered, and can store up to 12 hours excess energy for the dark hours. Units reside in tall metal hive-shaped structures, constantly under construction and upgraded themselves.

Sentinels have no need for genders, but there are male and female units all the same.
They wear no clothes- just a thin mercury-esque suit that covers their torsos. The androids can also run twice as fast as organic beings due to the advanced hydrolysis in their legs, and the fact they don't have to breathe.
Also, many Sentinels can plug themselves into the mainframe of a computer, browsing, downloading or hacking it.

Written by : Maus

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Player Races
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