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 The War of the Rift

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Kaljava Tlasfeer

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PostSubject: The War of the Rift   Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:34 pm

The war between Pratos and Targon has waged for over a thousand years. Hundreds of square miles have been utterly decimated on both sides of the Rift. The warzones themselves span massive quantities of land, the soil littered with the bodies of both worlds, be they race, animal, or invention. The dirt is stained red with blood and there is no end in sight.

On both sides of the Rift the Pratons have set up mining operations to try and fuel their war efforts. Without these precious resources, Pratos cannot run its war machines. The mining operations on Prato itself provide very little in the way of raw material, thus it is crucial that operations be functional on Targon. However, Targon does not appreciate the Pratons invading their land and destroying it.

Commander Drannon (Leader of the 7th Truan Battalion, stationed at Tramehorn): "They've wasted their own land, they shall not have ours to ruin as well."

Most battalions do not cross the Rift, though it is becoming more and more frequent. Most often the trained battalions will cross the Rift, while mercenaries and such are usually hired for certain missions. Mercenaries on Targon are usually used on the mining raids. They are put in charge of wreaking havoc on the mining terminals and the workers.

Both sides have been devastated and because of the war resources are being allocated to the war effort rather than rebuilding the cities and towns that were obliterated due to the explosion when the Rift opened. Thus the ruins of many towns and great cities are strewn across both world. The ruined foundations still lay untouched on the land.

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The War of the Rift
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