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 Animal: Krakken

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PostSubject: Animal: Krakken   Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:07 pm

"If we fall into the hive... Do me a favour and kill me, then do whatever you want with yourself. But I warn you... You don't want to become the breeding material of the witches... There is no fate I can imagine that is worse then that..."
- Last unfamous words of the Serrea Expedition’s Leader Khatzim Murrethiz.

The Krakken is a race that has eluded the other inhabitants Pratos for ages. No one knows the origin of these squid like monstrosities or even their purpose in existance.
These creatures see other races of both Pratos and Targon as one thing, and one thing only nutrition to the witches (which will be detailed later). They live in giant ‘hives’ which are made out of a countless number of underground tunnels which reaches down into what seems like the core of the planet itself. Yet no one knows as the only tunnels which have been documented have been the ones leading down about eight miles into the earth.

:The physical/behaviour:
The appearance of these creatures, as earlier mentioned, is bizarre and frightening. Meeting one of these creatures is enough to instill fear into even the most brave of creatures. Their apperance is ‘human’ with a set of legs and arms, though the similarity stops there. Their backs carry a large bulge which grows together with the large head. Their bodies are arched forwards, yet this does not seem to cause them any discomfort in balance. Their height is oftenly above the average humans. Their skin carries a deep brown/black’ish tone to it and large puss filled wounds scar the rubbery skin. The puss inside these scars is in fact not any kind of bodily created fluid, no, in fact it’s something refered to as ‘spore’. The ‘spore’ is a sort of mutated fungi that grows inside the Krakken’s wounds, the purpose of this fungi seems to be like that of a parasite, it lives of the Krakken’s flesh and in return it seems to offer them a sort of regenerative property which allows a single Krakken to live for a great length of time. It has been reported that the ‘spore’, which has affected other humanoids then Krakken, has caused great amounts of pain and seemingly random mutations of the said creatures body, oftenly resulting in the creature’s death. The Krakken’s mouth is a large round hole that begins directly under its large round pupil-less, luminescent eyes. The mouth itself is positioned along its neck (Imagine a human’s head and place the mouth underneath the cheek along the throat instead and you’ll get a good picture of how it looks). Around the mouth there are a number of long blackened teeth that are all pointing downwards, these fangs visibly drip of yellow poison. If one is affected by this poison they will soon feel their bodies begining to numb, then after a few minutes they will fall into paralytic shock. Out from the large hole of a mouth hangs long blood red tentacles which are about two meters in length (78 inches, 6’5 feet), this is the true reason why one should fear a close encounter with the Krakken. Along the tentacles are thornlike claws which grow downward along the tentacle (much like the Krakken’s teeth), yet when the Krakken feels threatened or is about to attack the teeth begin to bend upwards to create a sort of thorn like talon. After the ‘thorns’ are pointing outwards the tentacles begins to quiver and rattle, creating a sound which disorients anyone who hears it (except for the Krakken and its kin of course...), the ‘thorns’ are filled with both the yellow poison and the ‘spore’. The Krakken can move each of the tentacles separately and with deadly precision, often overwhelming its victim with a barrage of deadly swipes and feints, all while it slashes at the victim with the long claws growing out of the fingertips of its hand. Yet a Krakken never kills a victim, instead it wounds it and moves back to wait for the poisons to sink in, then as the victim falls into shock it uses the tentacles to pick it up/ drag it away into the heart of the nest where the ‘witches’ wait...

There has been no reports of what fully happens to someone as they are dragged into the depths of the Krakken nests, yet a finding of a deserted ‘spawning pool’ (the place Krakken are said to be born) showed marks of corpses which seemed to have served as some kind of overly mutated pod, not even resembling whatever they had been before the spore tended by the witches had grown their bodies and deformed them into a horrible hatcher of the Krakken’s eggs. One of the mutated egg carriers was still alive and working, this finding gave some insight into the spawning of the Krakken. Yet it only raised more questions as the egg’s hatched to only bring forth small dead deformed snails. At the site another creature was found which did not resemble anything yet found inside a Krakken nest.

The witches are said to be hauntingly beautiful women who walks the surface to lure anyone they meet down into the Krakken tunnels, yet the existance of these witches has never been fully proved, seeing as no one who has met these fabled creatures has lived to tell about it. Yet it is said that the witches are as old as time itself, having always been hidden deep beneath the surface of Pratos, waiting for something...

The Krakken was first sigted as the rift was formed...

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Animal: Krakken
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