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 Player Race: Magisto

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PostSubject: Player Race: Magisto   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:06 pm


Physical Appearance:
The appearance of the Magisto race is much like the Truan, yet there are some differences which distinguish them. Firstly the skin colors of the Magisto are a variety of grayish shades. The different shade in their skin often forms occult patterns and tribal looking figures which vary in style and color depending on the bloodline and profession of the Magisto. The warrior bloodline has an impressive array of tribal looking tattoo’s spreading and circling around their bodies, these tattoos are red in shade. The bloodline of the wise carries cryptic occult patterns on their bodies which have light blue shade to them. Lastly the guardian bloodline carries a combination of both warrior and wise, leaving their bodies to be an impressive display of both cryptic patterns and tribal tattoos.

The eye color is not something permanent to the Magisto and they can change it at any time by focusing. Yet they can never truly disguise their nature by changing their eye color to something that would fit in with their surroundings, since their eyes lack an iris and their small dotted pupil always seems to pulsate with a small inner glow. The eyes of a Magisto always glows faintly, yet this is mostly noticed when they are standing in a area with little light. The hair color of a Magisto varies from a deep blood red to raven black. Their hair has a sort of airiness to it which makes it sway a little, even though where they are standing might not have any wind blowing. The ears are pointed and longer then that of a Truans, the ears are also arching backwards slightly.

Their facial features brings something of a ‘royal’ aura to them, the skin looks flawless and if one would touch it they would notice it’s silky smooth. Their eyes and eyebrows are slightly arched which gives them a sort of ‘moody’ look. People not familiar with this race often believe they are angry or upset, when in reality this is just how they look au natural. The common Magisto lets their hair grow a little above shoulder length and rarely have any sort of haircut. Yet the thing that truly marks the Magisto are their mouths, which at first looks quite normal, yet when one looks fully they realize two things. Firstly the Magisto does not have lips, secondly their mouths are much wider then a Truans. Their mouths also arch upwards slightly, always giving them a sort of eerie smile, granting these creatures a very confusing look of being eerily happy yet angry/disapproving at the same time.

The body of a Magisto is slender and lithe, yet not fragile. Their height is a little above the average Truans’. The most common clothing are a pair of baggy pants which ends in a pair of knee high leather boots and an open vest. Yet there is a quite large exception to the Magisto’s choice of clothing compared to other races. The more exotic and powerful your attire looks, the more respect you will earn inside the Magisto community.

A trait all Magisto are born with and each and every one of them has access to is called the ‘Pact’ (The pact will be fully described in ‘Strengths’). A Magisto who activates this inherited power gets its appearance deformed into something demonic and twisted. Their eyes begin to flare and burn intensely, their skin color darkens significantly and the patterns/tattoos begin to glow darkly. From their backs a set of webby wings appears and along their spine long blackened spikes shoots out, the spikes arches downwards a little. A long black tail also grows, the length of it being above two meters, the tail ends in a bony scythe shaped claw which is very sharp. A lot of other changes also appear, such as fangs, claws and dark auras. Additionally more powerful changes might also be added as the Magisto activates the ‘Pact’, yet the form the Magisto takes as the pact activates is directly connected to their own strength and age. A young Magisto would only have slight changes in appearance, whilst an elder would turn into a visage of pure demonism.

The Magisto does originate from neither Targon nor Pratos, instead they come from a place called the Aion Veil, which is a dimension that exists in between the rift and the physical world. No one except the Magisto have been able to travel to this secluded haven thus far. Inside the Veil lies the City of Mirrors, which is the Magisto’s capital. This city contains a large amount of portals which connects the Veil to both Targon and Pratos. Yet after the apocalypse many of these portals ceased to function and instead turned into deadly passages that now lead to separate dimensions and eternal time continuums. Entering one of the broken portals leads to the death of whoever entered it, no exception to this have ever occurred. Occasionally weird beasts and other more malicious powers find their way through these portals and into the Veil, where they then lay in wait to grow and unleash their powers on the worlds connected to the Veil.

Social Life:
The Magisto is a very secretive race. They enjoy the presence of each other and the three social circles often form bonds for life. There are so few of the Magisto that knowing every Magisto who lives inside the City of Mirrors is nothing uncommon. The purpose of a Magisto is mainly to defend the material worlds of Pratos and Targon from the creatures that make their way through the broken portals, and they also find great enjoyment in learning about other races and their culture. They have taken upon themselves a sort of ‘big brother’ role, thinking that neither world is really capable of taking care of itself.

Government System:
The Magisto’s society is lead by the leaders of each of the circles. The circles are:
The Circle of Determination, where the warrior bloodline originates from. The Circle of Nox, where the wise originates from. Lastly the Circle of Pandemonium, where the guardians originates from. There are five circles inside of the three circles, and the closer to the middle you are the more power you have inside the society. The one in the middle circle are the leader, and the three leaders are part of the Mirror Council, their role is to lead the Magisto.

The Pact; This allows the Magisto to call upon the chaotic energies of the Aion Veil, granting them a demonic visage that has improved powers and abilities. The pact can be activated constantly inside the Aion Veil. Outside the Veil they can only have it activated for a certain amount of time, depending on which rank they have obtained, when the form is lost they have to be back in the Veil or they will be banished into chaos, causing them to die.
(Pact, Rank I: Demi form)
The Magisto is granted greater strength and agility for six hours, after the pact breaks the Magisto must return to the Aion Veil to focus their powers for two days to retain the ability to cast the Pact again. Physical changes are: Glowing eyes, darkened skin, tail, claws, and sharp spines.
(Pact, Rank II: Dema form)
The Magisto is granted greater strength, agility and fortitude for six hours, after the pact breaks the Magisto must return to the Aion Veil to focus their powers for three days to retain the ability to cast the Pact again. Physical changes are: Glowing eyes, darkened skin, horns, tail, claws, sharp spines, and a weak red aura.
(Pact, Rank III: Daevic Visage)
The Magisto is granted exceptional strength, agility and fortitude, also their skin hardens to protect them from weaker attacks. This form lasts for eight hours and the Magisto needs to recharge inside the Aion Veil for five days to retain the ability to cast the Pact again. Physical changes are the same as the Dema Forms.
(Pact, Rank IV: Daeroth Visage)
The Magisto takes on the greater form, granting them intense strength, agility and fortitude, in addition their skin becomes corrupted by the chaos energies, causing attackers to take damage if they are touched by the skin of the Daeroth. This form lasts for eight hours and the Magisto needs to recharge inside the Aion Veil for a week to retain the ability to cast the Pact again.
The physical changes are: The same as the Daevic, yet wings and a powerful red aura is now added.
(Pact, Rank V: Absolution Form)
The Magisto activates the most potent of forms. This form grants the Magisto supernatural strength, agility and fortitude, in addition the skin emits an aura of chaos which causes nearby creatures to weaken. This form lasts for two hours, then the Magisto retains the Daeroth Visage for four hours, when that Visage fades the Magisto retains the Dema form for six hours. The Magisto needs to rest inside the Veil for three weeks to retain the ability to cast the pact again. In addition to this their body gets one permanent demonic trait. The physical changes are: The same as the Daeroth Visage, yet the height of the Magisto is increased.

Inexistence: The longer a Magisto spends outside of the Aion Veil the weaker they grow, until lastly they have to retreat into the Veil to regain their powers. The maximum number of days a Magisto can spend outside the veil is two weeks if they do not strain themselves.
Technological Disruption: Due to the chaotic energies of the Magisto they cause technological items such as advanced weaponry and computers to crash or simply fail, causing them to become unable to use the more advanced types of technology in the world.

The culture of the Magisto is a quite complicated one, filled with the teachings of the strong defending the weak, the duties the Magisto have towards each other and the races of the world. They are however not loyal to any race but their own, and they would not think twice to sacrifice their allies if it meant saving their own skin. This is because the number of existing Magisto is so low that if one would die it would influence the social structure greatly. They all have assigned roles to play out for the council; no Magisto is left standing idle for long. They have the rule that if you are powerful, you must look the part as well, causing the greater of the Magisto to dress in armors and clothing which carry a lot of decoration. The role of the strong is also to protect the weaker Magisto, it’s the code of honor to always assist a fellow Magisto in need.

The Magisto are unique in the way they begin their existence. A large pillar in the middle of the City of Mirrors called the Mirror Nexus begins to shine, and at the same time a new Magisto is summoned into the Aion Veil. None of the Magisto knows how this pillar works, yet they know the importance in its existence and they protect it with hundreds of guards and magical barriers. The Magisto is a ‘genderless’ race, yet some carry feminine features while others carry masculine, yet they do not possess any form of reproductive organs. A Magisto can love another and their love is a bond which does not break for the remainder of their life. Once a Magisto finds a mate inside the Veil they will have their power regenerate faster while they are close to the other. All Magisto carries the title ‘Magisto’ in front of their names, which are based on their profession and standing inside the circles. Personal titles are often given to Magisto who proves themselves powerful and loyal to the councils.

The Magisto does not die of age.

The Magisto does not perform trades with any of the races except for the Kray, which they have formed a alliance with.

They all live inside the City of Mirrors which is a giant palace like city, the entire city is carved out of what seems like one giant mountain of white porcelain-like rock.

The Magisto possess chaos magic which they use to inscribe their armors and weapons with, giving the items extra powerful properties and effects. The chaos magic also allows the Magisto to cast spells which affects order and control. This branch of magic is highly destructive and no one would be wise to underestimate even an adept at chaos magic. If a Magisto uses this magic outside of the Veil it draws upon the Magisto’s own time that he can spend outside the Veil. There is an item which allows Magisto to channel certain amounts of chaos energy to ease the strain of casting outside the veil. Yet these items are rare and only given to Magisto which are close to the middle circles.

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Player Race: Magisto
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