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 The Lukka Regions, or thereabouts.

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PostSubject: The Lukka Regions, or thereabouts.   Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:07 am

It was early when Mauyass awoke outside the tall domes rising up into the air that were the buildings of the coastal city inhabited by the Lukka.

The sun was peeking over the horizon, its orange light filtering through the rippling waves and shining over the small silvery-gray wolf that slept on the cliffs edge over looking the majestic sunrise.
The wolf yawned sleepily, its sharp white fangs showing momentarily before it sat down to watch the sunrise, as though oblivious to the city behind her.

When it had risen, Muayass walked down towards the coastal shore where her home lay behind her. During the sunrise she had made the transformation from wolf to a canine-esque figure walking upright on two feet- her true form of a Lukka. Thankfully she had brought clothes with her.
Her hair -if it could be called that -was tied back out of her face for once in a ponytail and the jewellery traditional to the Lukkan culture lay around her neck and arms glittered in the early sunlight.

Now garbed her usually leather get-up, she walked away from the city, the sun illuminating the black tatoo's across her silver fur as she walked, breathing in the farmiliar sea air.
Home. She'd missed it. But she was'nt ready to go home yet.

''All the travelling in the world is'nt the same without this dump.'' She mused fondly in the Lauma tounge, surveying the city as she climbed a sand dune and looked back at it.
The city was jsut starting to buzz, scholars and tradsmen waking for the early morning rush while the local folk's stayed peacefully asleep til later on, not wanting to rise at such an early hour.
She could hear the shouts of the traders faintly from where she sat outside the tall towering buildings around which she grew up.

How long has it been... five years? Mauyass wondered to herself, staring back at her home as her feet slipped in the sand, claws scratching at rocks. Time away had kind of blurred for her.
It was her habit to just come back every year and spent a night on the cliffs, like she used to do as a child. Nostalgic reasons? She did'nt know. But it was nice to watch over her family- or at least feel like she was by finding out how they were doing and what they had been up to when she had been gone.

I wonder if they ever miss me..
Maybe its time I let them know how I was.

She discarded the thought as easily as a bad idea, realising how hungry she was.
Mauyass walked for another few miles inland, sauntering along with no hurry as the day passed. It was a carefree morning, like most of her life seemed to be at this point. No family, just herself, her own ideas and insentives.
Though she had to admitt, not alot of people felt the same about life, feeling it had a purpose.
As if. She thought later, resting by the roadside come noon.
If life had a point there would have been no apocalypse.
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The Lukka Regions, or thereabouts.
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