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 Muggie's Journey

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PostSubject: Muggie's Journey   Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:04 pm

The Sleepless foothills – Entrance to Yidtritch city

The mountains were quiet and still, the air fresh, the wind blowing. Yet at the foot of the mountain something was stirring. The sound of a creaky door could be heard as it slowly opened and out crawled Muggie from the hole leading to the underground. She crawled forward drooling and then suddenly tripped on a rock. “Ahhhgghhhhh” She screamed

“Jagged flower bringer of.... of bad omen, yes!” Muggie spoke in her odd way

“Hidden haven, doom blocker Muggie is, Yes!” Muggie then proceeded to cover up the small door entrance with some shrubs and bushes.

She then crawled outwards down the foothills heading in the direction of the Barren desert, unsure of what she may find on the way.

“Squark, New Haven! New Haven!” Spoke the bird that had become Muggie’s companion

“New Haven!” Muggie repeated in awe and drooling “path of power, follow the feathered one!”

Muggie then crawled onto a nearby rock and a bug crawled next to her she picked it up and put it in her mouth crunching it with her not so pleasant teeth. She then hopped down some cliff crawling to a lower level of the foothills that had a small pool of water at the bottom. It was then that something caught muggies attention. It was a body, that wasn’t moving, and not just a body but a Dessarti.

“ahhh” Muggie said in delight as she approached the corpse.

“Poor bush tailed, Bright light bless Muggie” she searched the corpse finding a necklace which she quickly placed upon her own neck, she also found several other trinkets, which she popped away.

Suddenly footsteps could be heard and Muggie quickly shifted into a spinner and took cover nearby. It was a group of Dessarti

“What the? Ive found him sir! Over by the lake. He looks to have been looted sir!” The Dessarti looked horrified.

“Is there any sign of the gemstone?” Spoke the leader

“Negative sir it’s all been looted” the soldier replied


Muggie then retreated knowing that she had something of great value, she was beginning to devise a plan in her head, one that may be beneficial and most evil.
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Number of posts : 28
Age : 31
Registration date : 2008-07-30

PostSubject: Re: Muggie's Journey   Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:35 pm

Opani – Muggie the business woman

Muggie had crossed the barren desert, much to her dislike. The conditions were harsh and dry and she constantly complained to herself on the journey to Opani. Muggie had a great plan, a plan that would see her quest progress further and ultimately cause significant benefits. The dry winds blew sand in Muggie’s face so she wrapped her cloak around herself using it as a shield.
Muggie reached the Dessarti city of Opani, its walls a mixture of red clay and yellow sand making solid desert structures.

“Halt!” a Dessarti guard blocked Muggie’s entrance to the city, pointing a spear to her throat. “What is your business filthy Yidtritch”

Muggie chuckled “ Bush tailed” she chuckled again “ Sparkle, Bush tailed” Muggie took out the gemstone she had taken.

The Dessarti looked horrified, This gemstone was obviously of great importance. “You will give the gemstone to me. It is of no importance to you I assure you”

“Sparkle for Bush Tailed, trade or no sparkle” Muggie replied drooling while looking up at the Dessarti giving him a strange look

“Ahh a trade, very well, I shall call a meeting to decide your reward for finding this gemstone”

Muggie and the guard went deeper into the city they approached a rather large building, larger than most others and Opani buildings were considered quite large anyway. This building however looked like a desert palace and was obviously a sort of town hall meeting place. Muggie entered the building there was a large room with seating arranged in a circle for meetings.
“Wait here I shall call the others” Said the guard

Muggie waited, looking around the place, but she was focused on her goal. It was not long and several members of different families arrived. They all sat around in a circle with Muggie stood in the middle.

“It would appear you have something of great value to us, we would very much like it back, you will be greatly compensated” Spoke one of the older Dessarti

“Muggie special , Muggie want bush tailed, Help blossom to flower” Muggie grinned

The Dessarti in the meeting seemed to understand most of them horrified by the request.

“Very well we shall round up a group of Dessarti in which you can check for compatibility” Said the Elder

“What! You cannot do that! I am strongly against this!” Spoke sharply out by a Dessarti female who is in quite some distress

“Calm down Nanata, We have little choice, who knows what kind of forms this Yidtritch could take. She could wipe us all out. I am not willing to put this city in danger for the sake of a tail and we need that gemstone” The Elder spoke in a soft but demanding voice.

“You will have your tail Yidtritch, you will wait here while I round up some volunteers “

Muggie waited and soon enough a group of about 11 Dessarti lined up infront of Muggie, They proceeded to cut themselves to allow Muggie to taste the blood of each to determine a match. Muggie went around each of the Dessarti and picked out a match. The Dessarti looked brave and willing but also was unsure.

It was then that the elder ordered the guard and with one quick slash of a sword the tail was cut. A loud scream could be heard as the Dessarti was in great pain and agony. The guard tossed the tail to Muggie and she smiled in delight before tossing the gem to the elder.

“Now leave Yidtritch and never return”

Muggie quickly hopped and ran off into the desert to find shelter for the night, she found a cave in which she rested and grafted the bushy tail to her rear. It would take some time to master the shape shift into a Dessarti but it would be necessary if she was to enter New Have without suspicion.
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Muggie's Journey
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