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 Thancruz - Krobon

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PostSubject: Thancruz - Krobon   Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:15 pm

Your NPC-Character



Unknown, seems male.



Connected to Krobon as a follower.

Slender build with small plates of armour fused to his skin. The skin beneath the plates is a deep black with neon green striping. The plates covering the skin are a light, milky green color. The only parts of his body uncovered by plates are his sides, the backs of his thighs, the undersides of his biceps and the throat. The fingers are fused together in a long blade (rather than individual digits), sporting an opposable thumb, which also serves as a smaller blade. The neck is fat, with a flat head, two almond-shaped orbs colored red set into the sides of the face. Antennae that are thin and almost whip-like sprout from the head. A sail-like frill runs from the back of the skull, down over the back of the head and down to the shoulder blades. A spike is set on each knee. The feet sport 4 toes, two flat that point forward, one is slightly raised (like a velociraptor claw), and the last is set on the heel, pointed backwards.

Battlethirsty is the first word that would come to mind with this one, he is swift to act and aggressive with a deep sadistic streak. He enjoys being part of Krobonís team as it means that he will see quite a few fights.

The blades on his hands are high frequency blades and thus vibrate at an exceptional speed giving it a humming sound, this of course is something that he himself controls but it makes the blade much more potent. Itís strong enough to slice through stone but a well crafted blade or enchanted blade can block these blows, though this does not make it any less lethal if it touches a being.

Thancruz was the first to follow Krobon, recognizing his strength and seeing the opportunity to fulfil his thirst for battle. Next to that over the time he has spent with the team he has gotten an extreme form of loyalty that chains them with an unbreakable link. Thancruz actually attacked Krobon when they first met and was violently beaten to the ground, however rather then being killed, Krobon let him live and gave him the chance to join him. Seeing that he was severely outmatched, Thancruz didnít take long to decide and has been with the team ever since.
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PostSubject: Re: Thancruz - Krobon   Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:10 pm


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Thancruz - Krobon
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