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 Geography of Pratos

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Kaljava Tlasfeer

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PostSubject: Geography of Pratos   Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:37 am

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PostSubject: Re: Geography of Pratos   Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:45 pm


This city is one of the greatest and most advanced, a pinnacle of civilization where all races come together, it is a city that is know for it's neutral grounds as many races war with one another. Xetron is a heavilly guarded city and next to being neutral ground it has been made in to a fortress ever since the rift opened. Teleportation devices for use in the city, gargantuan structures for a targon creature it would be a complete sensory overload. With lights and a cultural trade center it is under the control of a council which consists of one representative of each race. It has been said that Xetron is a city that even though it exists in the realm it seems to transcend all the warring and barren wasteland that surround it. It is positioned in the north and is the greatest city to have survived the apocolypse. It was easilly repaired with little damage as it was too far away from the rift.


Automon is a beautiful shielded city that was created and is inhabited by the Venuchii, the greatest scientists of Pratos. They have built a shield around their city that is neigh impenetrable as to the difference in their offensive which they are relatively weak with. The city is build with large high buildings that largely consist of laboratories and other research centers, living quarters are rather small in comparrison and they do not have a gargantuan amount of hospitable places for outsiders to stay. It is rare in itself for anyone but a Venuchii to enter this city without good reason and actually stay longer then a day. The shielding mechanism projects a shield around the city in the form of a great globe, only those with propper authorization can open up part of the shield to enter and leave.
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Geography of Pratos
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