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 In The Past: The Path to Exile.

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PostSubject: In The Past: The Path to Exile.   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:20 am

{The tower of courts – Initiation to the downfall}

Riel, are you coming?” A voice asked and Riel turned to the young Magisto which were standing at the door “Soon... I’ll be with you all soon” Riel answered, then he turned around again to look upon the giant city spanning out beneath him. He was standing on one of the many balconies of the Justice Tower, way up high. His thoughts were far from the city yet he could not help to feel impressed by the place he knew as his home. Soon he would have to travel from this place, far out into the chaos veil to hunt down some primeval force which had been keeping out of sight for the Magisto for what seemed like ages.

This was it, the moment he had been anticipating; finally he was being granted a mission worthy of his power. “Riel! You are the only one we’re waiting for!” the young Magisto yelled from the door and Riel idly brushed of some imaginary dust from his clothing before he turned around and walked through the door leading from the balcony to the great spiral staircase that circled its way up to the top of this tower. The walls and the stairs were made out of the typical white porcelain like material. They walked upwards in silence for some minutes before they reached a large black door which they both walked through.

Riel entered the room of the court, the room was circle shaped and quite large, the area in the middle of the room was for the one speaking and around the edges were a row of seats for the other participants to sit and wait for their turn to speak. Riel bowed as he entered and the large gathering of Magisto nodded their heads to him respectfully. Then he made his way to the closest row of seats to sit down, idly crossing his legs as he did so.

There was a brief moment of silence before a Magisto walked into the centre of the room and moved his right clenched fist to his chest, to then nod his head; this was a sign of respect amongst the Magisto. The Magisto had long raven black hair and carried the feminine features of a ‘female’ Magisto. Her red eyes swept over the audience before she spoke in a formal tone:
I, Magisto Riynn of the pandemonium’s third circle, welcome you all to this meeting.” Riel grinned a little, he knew this Magisto very well and they had worked together out in the chaos veil before, she were a competent guardian and maybe the only person in the room which could defeat Riel in a duel. “I am sure you all have been informed upon the reason why we are all gathered here, so I will get directly to the point” she said and looked to Riel for a brief moment before her gaze continued to sweep amongst the other attendants of the meeting.

The Exarch has been located at the White Pass inside the Chaos Veil, we were not aware of this entity’s existence until only some days ago…” She looked a little troubled “The power of this entity is above anything we have yet faced and I fear that if we let this power grow then it will soon be powerful enough to destroy us all” Suddenly the room filled up with low whispers. A white haired Magisto leaned towards Riel and whispered “Such bold words Riynn speaks today. I do think she has overestimated this ‘Exarch’” Riel smirked “Mianyss my friend, I trust every word Riynn speaks, and so should you” he gave Mianyss a long look before he looked back to Riynn and added silently “She has seen more then both you and me, experienced worse then any of us have…” Mianyss nodded idly and turned his attention to the speaker again.

So I suggest we send our forces to intercept this entity this very moment, we do not have time to waste, every moment this entity grows stronger.” Her eyes moved to Riel again and she looked almost pleading for a moment, why she would put on such an expression Riel did not know. “Magisto Riel, I would wish it of you to be the secondary commander of the army we send against the Exarch, along with me and Satirus of the determination circle” She said and suddenly the room exploded in loud whispers, which were silenced as Riel raised his right hand “I am honoured by the position you are granting me Riynn, I will gladly accept it.

He gave a court nod to her and Mianyss stood up “Then it is settled!” he said loudly and all the gathered Magisto gave a nod in agreement. “Riel, will you accompany me? We have a lot to plan before we leave” Riynn said as she turned around to leave the room. Riel stood up and followed her. They both walked in silence before she turned to a door along the wall and opened it, Riel followed and they were standing on the very same balcony which Riel had been standing on before.

She walked to the edge of the balcony and set her hands upon the finely crafted railing, leaning forwards slightly as she looked to the white shimmering sky of the veil. Riel walked up besides her and crossed his arms, looking to the sky as well before he spoke “So, why me?” he said in a neutral tone. She chuckled a little and gave his side a nudge with her elbow “Pssh, you know why I choose you” She looked to him “I need your power in the fights that will come. I also need you because the court loves you oh so much… The wonderful Riel” the last words were spoken with a hint of mockery, yet something about it still sounded like subtle admiration.

He could not help to chuckle as he looked down to her with a coy grin on his lips “Oh? Well then you are lucky I am feeling friendly today. Besides I need to get out of this city and into the chaos veil again… This place is slowly driving me insane with all these schemes and politics, faked smiles and bleak attempts at getting my favour.” He let his right hand brush through his hair as he looked to the sky again. “I know-” She said and sighed before she continued “Magisto like you and me are not made for the city, we are meant to be outside the walls, fighting…” He nodded in agreement to her words “Indeed we are Riynn

She gave him a odd look for a moment, then she looked away and gave a small laugh. “You’re not being to formal with your superior Riel” she said with a sly grin on her lips “I know how you hate formalities Riynn” he answered and she began to laugh silently “You know me to well Riel” she looked to him and now Riel could se the admiration in her expression more clearly “And how does that make you feel exactly?” he asked with a playful tone.

She snorted “Pssh!” then she sighed “You make me feel powerful Riel, isn’t that odd? When you are around I feel I can regain my strength much faster then when I am without you.” Riel raised a brow then he placed his right hand on her shoulder “We are bonded Riynn, you know this already yet you do not fully embrace it, this is the nature of us Magisto… We form bonds with each other and those bonds strengthen us…”. She sighed “I know, but don’t you go around telling others about this bond, it would not look good to my soldiers if I had bonded with you, it would only weaken my position further” she sighed and Riel gave a slight nod “Don’t we have plans to make? As much as I love spending time with you I think there are more important things to discuss then our relationship.” She nodded slowly.

Eight hours later Riel and Riynn, accompanied by Satirus and one thousand Magisto soldiers marched out of the City of Mirrors towards the great mountains in the distance, the chaos veil. Towards a battle that would change the life of Riel forever.

(( To be continued ~> ))
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In The Past: The Path to Exile.
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