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 Blackmoor Residence - New Haven

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PostSubject: Blackmoor Residence - New Haven   Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:53 pm

The Blackmoor Residence was suprisingly quiet for a change. There was little to no sign of any of the slaves or family around apart from Rohkes father. He was sat in his decorated chair pondering on matters, he had heard of a disturbance outside of New Haven and had sent one of his Dessarti slaves to scout it out. Suddenly the two large doors swung open it was the Dessarti arriving back with vital infomation.

"My lord" he spoke bowing and kneeling infront of Rohkes father.

"You have news?" He replied coldly and in a serious tone.

"Yes my lord, it appears we have had an intrusion of foreign beings" The Dessarti replied quickly

"Hmmm, and where are they now?" spoke Rohkes father.

"They have settled near the camp my lord"

"hmm, leave me i have much pondering to do"

"Very well my lord" The Dessarti quickly left.

Time went by and Rohkes father paced around the room before finnaly sitting in his chair. It was then that the doors swung open once more.

"Daddy can i have 500 gold" spoke Rohke

"Sure dear take 1000" Her father replied without much thought or attention his mind occupied on something else.

"Thanks daddy" Rohke then gave her father a kiss and left it was then that Rohkes father decided he would like to meet these foreign beings in person and ordered his Dessarti to bring round his carrage which is pulled by his expensive horse like creatures, It would not take long for him to arrive at the scene and confront the two unknowns.

Hearing that her father was planning a trip Rohke went and hid in the cargo hold of the carrage something she had occasionaly done when her father had important meetings in other major cities.
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Blackmoor Residence - New Haven
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