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 Deities of Pratos

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Kaljava Tlasfeer

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PostSubject: Deities of Pratos   Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:39 am

Before the complete and utter advancement of the species of Pratos there was a pantheon of Gods which were worshipped by the denizens of the planet. However, as the technology and the knowledge grew, the races began to question the existance of the gods. "If you can't see it, feel it, hear it, then it cannot exist." Thus extensive research was undertaken in the attempt to discover if the gods actually existed. When all of their efforts came back inconclusive, the races decided that the Gods were simply a farce. If you cannot physically know it is there, then the Gods must not exist. And through the years, the pantheon was phased out. The people of Pratos only "worship" that which in concrete and tangible. Thus there are no dieties for the world of Pratos.

The people have instead come to see those individuals who have risen above the ranks as gods. Those individuals who have placed themselves higher than the rest of the species are worshipped as an immortal being.

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Deities of Pratos
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