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 Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...   Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:15 am

-[ Captivity, Ties to the past ]-

Riel had spent some time talking to the Truan mage, yet their conversation was quicly turning quite gainless for the both of them as Riel had began to just glare into the ground. His mind was elsewhere at the moment, far far away inside the veil, back in the days when he walked amongst his own people. It was all so far away now, it felt as if it had been another life, or maybe he had just dreamed it all...

Heavy footsteps was heard further down the corridor and it was not long before three heavily armored men where at Riel’s door. One of them walked inside “The winged one is to be brought to confinment with the brute, where is he?” the heavily armored guard asked and the mage nodded to Riel, yet the man in armor merely laughed in a manner which made Riel sneer a little. They exchanged some words yet Riel’s attention was yet again filled with the thoughts of the veil, somehow it felt as if he had lost his connection to it, as if it had cut him away.

The armored guard tugged Riel and he followed, his eyes till focused on the ground as he walked. He did not pay much attention to the surroundings before he saw the Lukkan female sitting upon a chair looking at the Kray, "Do he look like he has wings to you? No I didn't think so, WINGED ONE, not this piece of trash," she said and Riel shook his head, he found the hostility of the Lukkan quite bothersome, he had done her nothing yet she acted as if he was her mortal enemy. If she knew what the Magisto and Kray had done for their world, maybe she would bow to him instead of throwing meager insults at his honor.

“This is the winged one, magic user said he used some appearance alter spell or some shit,” Riel looked up to the guard and said “You lack in your language, Truan.” The tone of his voice was colder then earlier, and the small hints of threat was much more evident now. The guard merely gave him a punch on the shoulder and pushed him into the containment cell. Riel sat down in the middle of his own cell and crossed his legs, leaning slightly forwards towards the Lukkan to show her that she had his attention.

“Whatever. Okay who wants a drink? I do. And you two don't get a choice...or anything for that matter.” She said and he merely smiled at her, yet the smile was far from a pleasant one. She ordered the guards around a little then she turned her attention to him, “Now, where were we? Ah yes...Names if you have them and lemme hear your story. Chicken, you first.”

Riel raised a brow for a moment, then he spok his title with a military proudness “I am, Exarch Magisto Riel, The Exiled Primeval, Pantheon of the pandemoniums second circle.” He leaned back a little as he had said his title, it felt odd to talk of these titles when his home felt like nothing but a dream, was these really the titles he had been given during the ages inside the veil? Was all this even real?

“My story begins ages before you were born Lukkan, and that story is of no interest to you, yet I am sure you want to know why I appeared outside the walls of your... ‘city’...” He sighed, “I was hunting a item called a Nexus crystal inside the city called Farch Reach, it is in the wastelands close to the rift, I am sure you are aware of it’s location, there I met this Kray” Riel nodded respectfully to Krobon “And during some complications there we were accidently transported from there, to where you found us.” He pondered a little, “And that is all.”

Riel had no intention of telling neighter the Lukka nor the Kray that he had been ordered by a transparent woman to bring himself and the Kray to the city of New Haven to find something which might grant him entry to the city of mirrors...

The city Riel somehow knew he would never see again...
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...   Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:05 pm

Ms. A. Veil and the cowering boy. | New Haven Evening

After drinking copious amount of mixed potion, Curiio began to feel rather restless and irritated. Waiting and waiting for this "Ms. Veil" to show up. Dusk was falling over the city and those twin suns seemed to be dying out in a apocalyptic orange display. The sky appeared to be a light with flame, the clouds splintering away from view as stars twinkled like sparks in this inferno of the heavens. Twilight approached and a number of lamps were being lit by a tall slim figure, wandering along the rough cobble street that was Curiio's.

The pale Truan observed the nightguard from his open front door. The nightguard strode off and around the corner to continue his illuminating duties. Poor Curiio, stood up by his booking of Ms. Veil. It was not the first time he had been left waiting but this situation seemed to grind at him, begging in his mind just for some peaceful sleep. With the mere thought of peace across his pensive mind, Curiio leaned his side and head against the doorframe, closing his eyes. With his arm folded he rested against the frame, allowing the warm summery felt evening wave over his sallow skin.

"Only when you could not see can I then be." Said a dulcet voice, a female voice softly speaking to Curiio, but not within his weary mind, but at the forefront of his resting form.

Curiio, unstartled by this voice opened his eyes to witness a stunning yet imposing tall form. The dulled rising moon of iredescence framed the top of her head like a halo of white. Her hair tied behind her back, black as the impending nighttime and her eyes, those eyes seemed to lack life, but stare intently with a soft glow. The lamps lit in the street cast a moody light over this womans smooth and supple grey face. She did not smile, she did not blink but merely bowed her head curtly. Her garmets long and light seemed to remain still, though the night breeze was picking up gradually, causing the lamps oily flame to quiver.

"Ms.. Veil I presume?" Murmered Curiio, his tone clearly disinterested after the rude waiting for his booking. "Just Veil. Hello again Truan" She replied, her irisless eyes perhaps wandering over his leant form. "Are you not going to invite me in?" She added, looking past the Truan toward the makeshift haven. "Yes, yes come in" He turned, gesturing her to follow, immediately heading toward the cauldron of gold. He wished to get this service over and done with and head to his bed. That rotted and creaky bed. A bed fit for noone better than a pauper. But, it was his own bed.

"I won't be requiring such, but I know some who will" She said softly, standing in the door way, her gaze looking more so to Curiio's humble surroundngs. "I hear you are quite gifted Truan, yet your establishment is hardly preposessing" "Miss, I urge you to take what you came for and begone, I am a tired man" He sighed gazing down into the simmering gold surface. "I will leave when I give you my message. I bestoy upon you words of wisdom, though one such as you need not heed. But I strongly urge it, Truan. Hear me now, beneath it cower-" But curiio had heard this, he had heard it many times and stopped her in her speach, raising a hand. "Pardon me Miss Veil but-" Curiio paused his words with a high gasp, unable to finish, unable to speak. "Hush boy.. Beneath it cowers- do not interupt me again. From beneath it cowers. Beneath the holy and beneath the dead. Amongst the vermin and along the dread. You'll face your face and obtain the truth. Go to the sewer, beneath the "Hoooly districts" The fourth holy hole. " She mocked such a place with her tone a small malicious grin now appearing across her darkened face. "And find the help. Use it to help. Use your potion and the cowering aid which you seek. To bring peace, to bring order. I am not capable to do so, I am of Chaos. But you, you Curiio... You are benevolent. Bring him back to us."

Curiio's eyes did not blink, attempting to register all that she was saying, he still could not speak yet questions burned in his head. Once he had set on one question to ask, he could. He spoke naively so "Who back?!". He could speak again, blinking at the momentary miracle. Alas once he focused for an answer from the woman. She was gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...   Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:19 pm

...The cowering boy beneath... | New Haven Sewers.

Curiio felt relieved, her presence had been incredibly passive, yet so imposing. He felt exhilarated to be alone. A wave of inspiration fell over him, his tired mind felt energized. He could speak, he could think freely. The buzzing Truan collected his belonging set atop of the table, A book, bottles both empty and full. Curiio's hands hastily slide his blck gloves over, they fit so snug he thought. Tossing his coat over his broad form he buttoned it up, checking his pockets for the cloth and gold potion. It was still drastically low so he approached the cauldron and used the ladel to spoon copious amounts into the bottle, topping it back up and corking the bottle. Wrapping it up in the white cloth and pocketing it once more. He stepped out of his home and shut the door behind him, using a lengthy rusted key to tamper with the locking mechanism. With that he strode off down the street where the nightguard had so recently been. Along the winding narrow streets and past the Taverns and closed markets. Dusk was far behind as night set in. Guards and tramps wandering equally along the cities streets, murmering to themselfs, begging for money and beating each other.

Curiio did little more than listen to who he passed, head low, eyes scowling over the cobble streets, stone after stone, sewer grate after grate as he marched down the streets and through alleys.

"She didn't tell me who, she knew my name.. My name. She said it." He muttered softly.

"Oi oi lad want a good time?!" Bellowed a street walker dressed in little more than a grubby ripped skirt, baring her assets toward Curiio. He frowned to her, barely stopping in his destined tracks. "No.." He sneered back. "Oh I geddit! One o' them funny lads, whats'a matter? Not man enough for ya am I?!" She jeered. Curiio's face still lowered quickly and he turned his steps a sharp left, to hopefully avoid the persuing prostitute. Though he, in his determined mind did not see the stack of crates built up infront of a turning to a vast alley, the cathedral at the other side. His destination so close, but Poor curiio hit the crates and fell back like a ton of bricks. On his back laying still he looked up and the haggered woman leered over him, crouching down as he skirt rode up lewdly. "Aw poor boy can't get up.. Or get it up. Hah!" She tugged his black roots of hair and lifted his head up, slobbering a chapped kissing pair of lips to his forehead whilst her other hand, dirty and brown rummaged through a pocket, tugging free the little gold he had. "That'll do for a kiss" She said teasingly and let go of his hair, slamming his head back to the cobble street. "Ta ta lovie!" She skipped along her way up the nighttime street.

Curiio could hear in the distance, that woman that whore bantering with others about her recent conquest. "Four gold, thats all I got.. Bloody pooftas, Cheapo's!". A frustrated Curiio pushed up standing in line with the tall crates, attempting to peer over them to see the cathedral. The lights were dimming and slowly, one by one going out through the stain glassed windows. The preachers were closing for the night, this was perfect, but how could he get across? A bright and chaotically focused idea popping into is mind. The pale Truan strode after the Whore, now alone back on the corner where he had first sneered at her. "You miss, I wish for uh.. Well you know-" He muttered, looking rather shy to the floor. "A good time eh? Ye better 'av more than four.. I was ten for a good time." - "Fine fine, whatever you say, I want you. Come come.." Curiio gestured. She followed, skipping behind him. He halted just by the crates now and turned to link arms with the whore of New Haven. She smirked and winked to the Truan. He did the same before swinging her around in a dance, only to crash her through the crates, spintering apart and toppling over ontop of her bulldosed form. "Ah thats how you do it!" He growled, stepping over her battered form and on toward the Cathedral.

Curiio looked back to focus through the dark at the distanced whore stiring from her wreckage. He hastily approached the side of the high spired cathedral, closed and deserted. It seemed rather terrifying in the dark, considering it's sanctuary for faith. He stoney footsteps halted , glancing around. "No sewer grate" he thought. He carried on walking, the sound of his footsteps became metalic and harsh. "Aha!" He grinning looking down to the large round metal. Across the grate was an engraved message reading "New Haven Waste line IV". Perfect, he thought, the fourth now to get it open he had to place he hands to the lipped opening, tucking his fingers flush with the handles, lifting it up with a clattering rattle. With a loud metalic gong the sewers grated plate hit the floor aside of the hole, the stench of waste filled Curiio's senses, trying his best not to gag at the stench as he clambered down the hole. The claustrophobic ring of wall around him wreaked as he lowered himself further down the rusty damp ladder. But it stopped, the ladder had been broken cleanly off, it was too dark to see below as to how far the drop was. He had little time, he was encouraged and enthralled by this "chase" he lower his legs to dangle dangerously from the ladder, his hands gripping the final bar. He kicked the air below, feeling no floor, no wall and certainly no flowing sewage, although he could hear it.

With a mighty metalic ping, his palms slipped and let go of the ladder, falling a few feet onto old bags and crates, rotted and soft by the damp dark. He was amongst garbage in the dark, looking around for what then seemed to be a flicker of light in the distance, perhaps along a tunnel of sewage. He followed it, and the stench of waste was chokingly thick to his senses. He fumbled in the dark for his white cloth, dapping the honey gold potion to it and shoving it over his nose and mouth as he crouched down now through the narrowing tunnel. The light was greenish and glowed brighter and brighter as he approached the opening, suspended in the wall of a round sewer filled oubiliette, a feet down hordes of vermin riddled rats scurried in circles around this source of green glow. This was it he thought to himself, was this the cowering object? The ellusive vague myth? He had no time to think as he leaped from the hole in the wall down into the rat riddled oubliette. The bold rats scurried around his boots, squeeking louder as he waded through, ankle deep in vermin. Suddenly the vermins noisey squeaks became squeals and in a perfect circle all the rats scurried to the outer edge of the tall sewer room. Leaving only the green glow which susepending a few feet infront of Curiio. As he reached his gloved hands out to perhaps wave through the gasless essense he heard a familiar voice, too familiar.. His own voice above. "This is it! The ellusive myth!" Though his voice was mocking from the hole where curiio had jumped down from. His exact double was crouched where he was, winking down at Curiio, his black hair messy, cloth over his pale doubled face.

"I look good don't I?! Even in wastage no?!" Joked the double, Curiio was left agasp, looking back a moment to the glowing green which had gone, yet the direction of the green light was coming from his high double." You've found me, bravo, encore." The double clapped, letting the cloth drop and vanish from view. Curiio's own cloth, his corporeal cloth was gone too. "Magicks.. " Curiio Murmered. "Oh yes, but I am good arn't I?" The double smirked.

"Who are you-" Curiio asked, only to be interupted by a reply that changed direction, it was hard to determine where from as all sound echoed around the tall oubliette. "Who am I? Silly question, I'm you. I'm what cowers. You hide under here like vermin, even the rats are scared of you Curiio" jeered the Double now right behind Curiio, smirking at his perplexed and bewildered double. "Need help? What did you think I'd be some sort of little gem or something? Some sort of keepsake small meticulous object with immense power? Oh please, you've read too many novels." The double joked once more. "Enough, give me what I need." - "Oh such fire in you Curiio, such War!" Growled the Double. "Say please..." Winked the double, mocking The pale Truan with expressions Curiio could not perform. "Please, I need to do... To-" Curiio fell silent as the double spoke, his own voice was speaking back at him, completely twin to himself. "You need to help and all that crap. But I think you don't know what you need. Let alone what is expected of you. What is it you do all day Curiio? You help people to feel better about yourself? That is not genuine, that is not selfless. Theres too much fury in you. And you cover it up by helping those you could easily stamp out... On your knee's boy." The double then commanded, geting to his own knees. Which influenced Curiio to do the same. As Curiio fell to his knees the double before him shifted and merged, the light changing colour from it's body to that of white, forcing curiio to wince. With each changing feature the double of Curiio became a small boy, a small Childlike Curiio, his features shrinking from man to adolescent to Child. "Are you my daddy?" Said the pale boy infront of the knelt Curiio. His eyes were large and blue, black hair cascading over his face. "Are you my daddy sir?" He spoke softly. "No I'm.. I'm -you-" Curiio's voice cooed almost passively asif really talking to a child, to himself. "I'm here to.. I'm here to help you, to help... me." He said. "I don't need help. I need my daddy. I need my mummy. This man keeps coming into my room at night-" The boy said, but Curiio looked away, only to find the boy pleading with his hands infront of Curiio's averted gaze. "Please, take me to him" The boy opened his arms wide, head to toe in grubby grey orphanage robes.

Curiio stood to embrace the child, but he cowered, the small childlike Curiio cowered, and sobbed suddenly. "I don't understand what I need to do. I am confused." Curiio said helplessly down to the child. "No Curiio, you do" The boy smiled up suddenly, his eyes filled with tears. "You know don't you? Please tell me you know" The boy pleaded. "I.. I don't. Do I take you back to your home?" - "No not I, I am you. But you need me". Curiio became infuriated by the baseless confusion, sighing away from the boy. "Where did you-" - "Go?" Jeered a female voice. Curiio looked up to the hole, his blue eyes wild. "I'm 'ere love! Now- Listen to me carefully eh?" The whore from the street grinned. "You have two words to expose to the right individuals. Just two words of the cowering glow below" Said a voice now behind Curiio. But this voice he had not heard since the start of this most baffling day. The Lukkan stood there, hooded and hunched, facing away from Curio. "Two words..." She snarled. "Yes, yes?!" Curiio said impatiently. "Wake... up.." The lukkan said.

With that, Curiio blinked to find himself laying in his bed, fully clothed and wreaking of sewage. It was still night, the moon's light was over his face, casting a crossed shadow from the window's frames. Within his hand was a small note, crumbled by his gripping sweaty palm. He stirred from his bed, raising the paper to the moonlight. Two words were inscribed in crimson blood, tribal symbols. Though unable to decipher them. He looked around his bedroom, perplexed and in that moment, he collapsed. Falling to the ground...
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...   Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:40 pm

The Kray sat there, half listening to the Lukkan and the Magisto.. He was asked for his name but he did not care to give it, he was frustrated with the situation. "Tell me what you want?" He said in a rather snappy tone of voice as he looked straight at the Lukkan. He did not care to know about them or the Magisto, he wanted a way out of this place and back to the Kray.

He looked once to the Magisto and stood up straight, his full length rather impressive but cramped in this small cell, it was obviously not built for one like him. The frustration was building up slowly but surely in to a form of rage, till at a certain point he could not stand it any more. It was shortly after the Magisto finished his story. He stood up and smashed the wall, ripping open the doorway further. He did not attack the lukkan but as soon as he stood outside he looked up at the sky. It was different from the Kray area, the rift pulled in light and distorted the sky but here it was clear... Which meant he was far from the rift.

He looked at the guards whom now all had their weapons on the ready and had surrounded him. He could break out, he could smash them but they were the only ones whom would know where they were, who could tell if not them. He could force it out of them but if he was smart.. If he could last long enough without submitting to his rage he could even have them bring him back to a point or give some extensive directions.

All the friction of the metal had caused quite some heat on his body and he had absorbed this inside of him, if they tried anything he would point the heat at them.. These creatures seemed frail and they would probably be unable to handle the heat if they built such weak constructions.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...   

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Chapter and Rapture | ...Somewhere outside of New Haven...
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