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 Animal: Traphant

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PostSubject: Animal: Traphant   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:43 pm

These bohemeths are the preferred war-mounts of many species. They are large beasts, standing 18 feet tall. They stand on four massive cloven hooves, the tree-trunk like legs covered by thick plates of natural armor. Their heads are large, with a boney plate on the forehead. While having no horns, the traphant sports enormous tusks, the tusks are half the length of their body. The creature's face is more oblong, with a short nose rather than a trunk (think warthog without the pig nose). The eyes are relatively small, and their ears are but holes in the sides of their head. The body of the beast is large, enough to carry 2-3 passengers comfortably. The tail is long, the traphant having to pick the tip of the tail up in order to prevent it from dragging on the ground. The tip of the tail is equipped with a spiked club. It is clear that the traphant is able to use this tail as a bludgeoning weapon.

The traphant is a rather solitary animal, preferring life by itself as opposed to a group. The saddle is massive, the strap spanning around the circumference of the beast's waist. The reigns are attached to the creature's tusks, pulling on the left reign will turn it left, and vice versa. The rider often carries a crop. Traphants are easy to train. Like Opura they learn in about a year.

They are very strong, but very slow. Because of their massive weight and size the traphant cannot execute tight turns, nor maneuver in tight spaces. They are however great in melee combat, as they are easily able to toss aside their foes. They are the complete opposite of the Opura.
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Animal: Traphant
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