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 Player Race: Kray

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PostSubject: Player Race: Kray   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:40 pm

The Kray were not an original species on Pratos. Rather they were one that originated due to the energy of the Rift. The Kray are the only known species on Pratos to have evolved with organic technology. It is unclear exactly how the Kray evolved so quickly, or even how they came to exist. They are unlike any species on Targon or Pratos. They hold no allegiance to either world, having been known to ally themselves with either side. The reason for this is unknown.

The creatures do not have a set physical appearance. Most are bipedal, but other than that the appearances are completely random. The only thing they do hold in common as a species is that of the eyes. Their eyes are simply deep black orbs set into their heads. Their eyes can glow certain hues in the dark, leading researchers to believe that they are capable of night vision. Very few of these creatures are born with wings or aquatic capabilities, making them primarily terrestrial beings.

As far as the organic technology is concerned, the Kray are diverse as well. These attributes can range from sonic blades (bone-like blades that vibrate at incredible speeds, making them wickedly sharp), to retractable blades, even to the extent of energy blades and psionic ability. Fire breath, invisibility, etc (you name it that can probably have it, save for invincibility). Creatures do not start out with these abilities, rather they mature and grow into them. The species can be a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes. .

The Kray are governed by one called the Overlord. The Overlord is the most powerful being in the Kray society. The Overlord was spawned at the moment the Rift was opened and the two worlds collided. The Overlord’s appearance can shift at his will, as he, and his powers are directly linked to the changing energies of the Rift. The Overlord is able to take the energy emitted by the Rift and mould it into other Kray. In the beginning the Overlord created mindless spawn, lower in power, but he was unable to completely dominate them. Following the first spawning, the Overlord created The Kray that are seen around today. While the Kray may be independent they are still fiercely loyal to the Overlord. The Overlord is supposedly an omnipotent being, and it is unknown how exactly the energy of the Rift is used to create his spawns.

The Kray are able to communicate in the common language of both worlds, but they do have their own language. To outsiders the language sounds like a deep humming sound, almost like an insect. The buildings are creatures themselves and are spawned through the Overlord. The buildings begin small and grow and change in accordance to the Kray’s needs (ie: The Kray population is expanding, not enough living space, the buildings will grow a new room). The buildings are living beings, just like the Kray.

The society of the Kray is one built strictly on hierarchy. The Overlord is at the top, his four Guardians (the 4 most powerful of his spawns, who are ranked from 1-4. If the first in rank dies, the second takes his place and a new Kray is added in the fourth, and least powerful spot) right below him. The rest of the Kray society is based on rank. Rank is determined by “birth”. The Overlord determines how the society will be divided up and spawns Kray accordingly. There is little to no chance that a spawned Kray can change his position in society. There are the food gatherers, the warriors (who can become one of the four Guardians, should one perish), and other miscellaneous duties than must be performed in the society.

The Kray have no gender, and cannot mate. They are only created through the Overlord. Some Kray look distinctly male or female, others do not. Their personalities are not gender based either. It is unknown how long their lifespan is.

There have been rumours going around in Pratos, that Kray similar to those who had been lost in expeditions to the rift have been seen. Why these similarities are there is unknown, though the rumours spread like wildfire about mysterious experiments, domination and other horrific methods of assimilation. The unpredictability of the Kray has been an eyesore for both worlds. The fact that their motives, their goals and their reasons for fighting are unknown makes them a frightening race to encounter. The greatest threat is their relation to the rift and the ability to be able to stay under the strenuous radiation.

Written by: Hobsyllwin and Krobon
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Player Race: Kray
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