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 Player Race: Rek'Tar

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PostSubject: Player Race: Rek'Tar   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:40 pm

The Rek’Tar is a brutish warrior race built on principles of honour and combat. They are a well built race, strong and tall giving them the strength to fight their honourable ways in melee combat. Although they are strong they are only moderately intelligent and often their brutish ways can be easily outwitted.

The Female Rek’Tar are also warriors although tend to be more agile than the males. Both males and females can range from 6 feet to 6’9 and the majority have long black hair with a few minor exceptions. They are a blend of humanoid and reptilian appearance and are often seen wearing armour covering all vital points but still leaving room for agility. The head is also covered by a rather technologically advanced helmet that enables x-ray vision and the ability to zoom in to far distances. The armour pieces all have a slow harmonic flashing neon light running through them, most likely a form of power source. The weapons of the Rek’Tar are strictly melee and all different melee weapons contain shocking properties to stun the opponent.

The Rek’Tar are divided into different houses, with each house coming together once a year to battle it out in combat to decide which house will rule for the next year, Their politics and law is very much connected to honour and battle. Any lawbreaker will be pitted against other lawbreakers in a fight to the death.

Due to this split into houses, there are various camps and dwellings scattered throughout the world of Pratos. These can Range from caves to simple barren wastelands in which no sane being would ever wander into. These camps are not your usual basic tent set up however they are quite high tech advanced structures. The Thirst for battle however means that these structures are not the best defended other than by the hands of a Rek'Tar warrior.

Rek’Tar are not given a name till they pass the trial of combat. Rek’Tar are usually deemed worthy of taking on the trial at the age of 9 or 10 however it has been known that there are indeed nameless elders. The Trial involves being sent out into the wilds to survive alone for 30 days, the wilds are harsh and filled with vile creatures and beasts. Successful completion of the trial results in a naming ceremony and feast in honour of the newly named Rek’Tar.

Rek'Tar are egg layers and each female can lay up to 7 eggs per season, The Eggs hatch after 30 days within specialised incubation structures. The lifespan of the Rek'Tar is a difficult question as there are no records of any Rek'Tar dying from old age, However it is known that Rek'Tar have lived upto and over 350 years of age. With no record of death caused by age this cannot be deemed fact.

Written by :Rohke
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Player Race: Rek'Tar
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