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 Player Race: Lamis

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PostSubject: Player Race: Lamis   Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:00 pm

The lamis are the most abundant race on Pratos. They have contributed much to the massive cities that infest the landscape. The lamis are responsible for the architecture as well as much of the waste of the land.

The lamis look oddly humanoid, but far from the Truan race of Targon. The Lamis can reach up to 6.5 feet in height, but their weight is nothing like one would expect. Their bodies and limbs are exceptionally thin, but they are not exactly weak. They stand on two double jointed legs, with rather bird-like feet. They have only 4 toes; three pointing forwards and a fourth on the heel pointing back, each tipped with a small claw. The toes are long and spindly, and unable to grasp. The arms are like the legs, thin, but strong. The arms have two elbows, thus allowing for a further range of movement. The hands are comprised of three fingers, one shorter than the other two, which allows it to function like an opposable thumb. The digits are long and thin as well, ending in a small, dull talon.

Their torsos are thin, the chest and the hips thicker than the waist to allow the support of the limbs. Their heads are elongated snouts, very slender and dainty. Their eyes positioned in a rather normal position on the upward-side of the head. Two small slits adorn the tip of the snout and serve for breathing purposes. Their teeth are a nice balance, indicating an omnivorous diet. Their ears are perched atop their head, much like a cat. The Lamis have no fur, baring the skin which is a lighter tan undertone, with color mottling the surface. The color can range from blue and greens, to purple and even red.

Females and males can be told apart by their facial features and vocal tone. Genitalia are kept inside the body, thus not appearing on the outside of the body. Body type for both genders is the same.

While this species looks fragile they are the masters of building. They have mastered the art of architecture, their small fingers allowing them to build intricately and precisely. They are very intelligent creatures and have advanced in the area of war machines, ammunition and such since the war began. They usually are adorned in simple garments, anything from slacks and a shirt, to a drape. Their armour covers most of their bodies, and they are known for their squadrons of gunners. The Lamis are the light gun users of the Pratos realm. They stick to lasers and far shooting combat as opposed to melee, but it not completely unknown for a stronger Lamis to enter melee.

They Lamis live to be around 110. The female births one at a time with a gestation period of 8 months. A couple is known to have on average 5 children in their lifetime. Their society is built on the collective. The Lamis build massive cities which each family is an individual, but they come together collectively as a whole (much like the real world human society). They make their homes in the high rise cities that they have built. They build higher as the area gets more congested. Thus the higher up the buildings you go, the cleaner it will be. Ground level in these cities is polluted and ridden with crime. The smog is so thick at ground level that it is impossible to see and toxic to breathe. Rather than clean this hell hole, they simply build higher.

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Player Race: Lamis
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