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 Player Race: Barvore

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PostSubject: Player Race: Barvore   Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:22 pm

These creatures are bipedal, having a slim build. Their legs seem almost too big for the rest of their body. Their legs are double jointed, the knees splaying far out to either side, making the Barvore an extremely balanced creature. The Barvore's feet are more like talons. Four claw-like digits spread out across the ground, spreading it's weight across the soil. The creature lacks any sort of tail, leaving the balance solely on the creatures enormous legs. The torso is thin, displaying a protruding ribcage with 26 sets of ribs. The Barvore's shoulders are slightly larger, though only the shoulder is so. The bicep is relatively thin, coinciding with it's torso build. While having slim biceps, the forarms are thick. Three nubbed claws (two fingers and a thumb) make up the hands. The head of the Barvore is rather humanoid with slender, high cheekbones. The Barvore's mouth is smaller, but filled with short teeth. While not sharp, the teeth are conical in shape. There is no protruding nose, but rather two slits right above the mouth. The eyes are almond-shaped, the iris ranging in hue from a deep yellow to a light lemon yellow. Thin hair covers the head. Males tend to wear their hair back in a loose ponytail. Females usually wear their hair loose. Darker haircolors are more common among both males and females. Skin color ranges from a dark bronze to deep orange. Female Barvore have dual red bands around their thighs.

The Barvore live in small colonies in the deserts around Targon. They make their dwellings out of sand and mud, usually preferring to build their homes against the faces of the sandstone walls that dot the landscape of the deserts. They are omnivorous, hunting and scavanging the sweltering sands in search of food. They have become accomplished hunters, their feet perfectly adapted to support their weight on the sand, so they may walk nimbly across the shifting land. Barvore specialize in ranged weapons rather than melee. Most older Barvore speak both the common language of Targon as well as their native language of Barvarii. They cannot ride mounts, as their legs do not allow such. Branding is a common form of body art. Clothing is uncommon, save for armor in combat.

The heirarchy of this society is based upon blood. There are certain leaders within the society who decide the rules and such of the colony. Both male and female of royal line are permitted to lead the clan. Roles in the clan are not defined by gender, but rather by age and bloodline. Younger members are food gatherers, while older members are left to the arts of war, technology, and knowledge. The path that a maturing Barvore takes (task wise) is determined by the roles of the parents. Orphaned Barvore are left to their own devices. They must find their own way, find food for themselves as well as find their own way to maturity. The rest of the clan will not aid. Gestation for Barvore is 8 months, but they age slowly. It takes 10 years for a child to reach maturity. Usually 3-4 young are born at a time, and can live up to 125.

Trade is scarce with the Barvore, as they have little to bargain. The items that are bargained with are usually gemstones that are found in the desert, as well as the sandstone slabs used for architecture. Items bargained for varies.

Written by : Hobsyllwin
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Player Race: Barvore
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